What are the benefits of a disaster recovery plan?

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17 Apr 2020
What are the benefits of a disaster recovery plan?

A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan documents the procedure to protect and recover a company’s critical IT infrastructure in an event of a disaster. That could be any unforeseen event which put an organisation’s operations at risk.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Power outages
  • Hardware failures
  • Fire
  • Cyber attacks
  • Earthquakes
  • Storage failures
  • Flooding
  • Application crashes
  • Computer viruses

In the aftermath of a disaster, a DR plan allows a company to run with minimal interruptions and virtually no data loss. Think of it as an essential ‘safety net’, to prepare for the worst.

It’s vital to consider a DR plan as part of your core strategy, as it provides protection against data loss and long recovery times – which could cripple the financial state of a company. Without a DR plan, a company has the potential to permanently lose all its data, causing a hasty end that could have been avoided in the first place. 

The vital ingredients of disaster recovery

There are various components within a DR plan that makes it attractive and perceived to be a necessity rather than a want. Clients expect reliability and near perfection with the services provided to them, otherwise they will move on to another provider.

The beauty of DR planning is that it allows companies to constantly achieve a high service quality by assuring minimum data loss and downtime if a disaster arises, while receiving the same level of service during and after the disaster has occurred. This naturally attracts a greater level of customer retention.

A crucial aspect of DR planning is identifying and implementing innovative solutions based on the customers’ requirements. Thorough research and scenario planning in an event of a disaster are all considered during initial research.

Cloud-based storage and backups are a great way of reducing costs for a company when considering DR options, because it bypasses a lot of physical routine maintenance duties. As cloud systems are scalable, a greater level of flexibility is obtained, rather than using a maintenance contract in a data centre. 

The main advantage from a DR plan is streamlining the company’s IT processes. A side benefit is the reduction of human error, by eliminating hardware.

A disaster recovery plan isn’t just used to recover from an aftermath of a disaster, but also allows a company to strengthen by increasing performance, resiliency and ultimately, profitability.

With over three decades of experience covering all aspects of IT recovery, relocation and many other services, Blue Chip has a solid reputation in disaster recovery planning for many industries. Get in contact with us to discuss your DR strategy.

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This article was written by Ajay Paul.

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