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You may be surprised to hear that 94% of enterprises are already using a cloud service. Over the past decade, cloud computing has evolved from being something service providers told companies they should be adopting, to becoming the technological lifeblood that runs through most modern enterprises.

These days, the cloud is the natural home for businesses and organisations, a shift from the days of having a collection of bare-metal servers, storage units, switches and routers taking up space in their building. One of the biggest advantages of cloud, is that it’s a dynamic storage system. It’s no secret that the corporate world is facing a ‘snowballing’ amount of data, it increases every year. The scalability of cloud obviously is preferably to having to continually expand your on-site storage hardware.  Unfortunately, with the increase in popularity, security risks have also been on the rise.

Malware attacks, ransomware and data breaches

It is not uncommon to read or view news reports on the latest cyberattacks. Thankfully, we are mission critical system specialists. Blue Chip consider security measures at every step. From widespread encryption to extra protection against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service, whereby hackers attempt to overwhelm and bring down a website) and firewalls, we’ll tailor a superior solution that truly protects your precious data.

Darren Smith, our Product Manager, states that:

“The Blue Chip Cloud platform has been built with security in mind. Every customer has a dedicated firewall with their own bespoke set of rules, so even though some of the underlying infrastructure is shared, there is no way that customer data could accidentally be available in another customer’s environment.”

We understand that our customers IT infrastructure is critical to not only their businesses, but their own clients, who expect the services to be available to them 24/7, so security is paramount. Client organisations regulated by the FCA and ECB rely on our security to keep their regulators satisfied.

To ensure this is the case, our data centres are regularly audited and certified at the highest security levels, including SOC2 and PCI for managed services, which means that we adhere to the stringent security criteria mandated by the Payment Card Industry.

Underlining our commitment to data protection, we work under the ISO 27001 Information Security framework. This system has 114 controls and has been developed to acknowledge the mainstream acceptance of cloud computing. From covering supplier relationships to cryptography, our adherence to this international standard ensures your data is in a truly safe place.

Along with a 7-layer physical access process, we also deploy a vast range of security software to protect customer data, from anti-DDoS to additional firewalls. Our in-house experts are accredited to build zero trust environments and have earned security qualifications of the highest echelons, with Blue Chip engineers on-hand 24/7 to respond to any issues immediately.

We work hard to adhere to a full range of international standards for security and are independently audited for each on a regular basis, to ensure we maintain our exceptional standards. We take staff training very seriously to ensure that staff members thoroughly understand their security obligations, giving customers total peace of mind.

Need a cloud expert?

If are looking to adopt a cloud strategy or would like to talk to one of our experts, get in contact with us today for advice and support.


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