We can migrate your IBM Power workloads and have you testing in hours

cloud migration process

Companies tend to be reluctant about migrating enterprise data from their hardware or current cloud provider because of downtime. A survey found that 73% of cloud migration projects take a year or longer to complete.

We can be ready to provide this service in a matter of hours, compared to the many months most businesses face on their journey to the cloud. There’s no waiting on infrastructure to be procured as our cloud is completely software-defined with capacity always available and when you provide the green light, we can immediately act.

Through sophisticated automation, we deploy our environments in a matter of hours, alongside testing connectivity and storage, almost immediately.

How long our cloud migration process takes

Blue Chip values its principles on security, performance and speed of delivery. Our aim is to complete a cloud infrastructure build process within a 48-hour period. It’s usually quicker, thanks to our state-of-the-art automation. At that point we are ready to migrate your data into this new infrastructure. Again, it’s something that takes just hours, with no interruption to your existing environment.

As all our data centres are based in the UK, it allows us to deliver an excellent level of service with contacts 24/7, 365 days per year, providing second-to-none testing facilities.

Why our cloud migration process is so quick

We create templates of your entire environment (including IBM Power Systems), enabling us to deliver new cloud infrastructure quickly. This is because our Software-Defined Data Centres (SDDCs) allow all elements such as networking, storage, processing and security to be delivered as code, essentially speeding up this part of the process of migration. This also allows a completely remote data migration into the new cloud environment immediately across our multiple network options.

When it comes to testing, we excel because of the unrivalled level of customer service provided by our experts. We provide all the support necessary to give the confidence to go live in the new environment, taking that extra step to ensure new cloud environments are in safe hands.

At Blue Chip, we understand that limiting the downtime for migrations and providing a thorough testing environment is critical to ensure your changeover is successful.


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