Video: The right tools for the job; Managing your systems effectively

Certain professions require specialist tools; whether you’re a fireman, carpenter or a builder. The right tools in business are also essential.
Having the right system management tools in place is really no different, yet far too many companies continue to rely upon their staff to manage systems manually, without the right tools.

Blue Chip purchased Itheon in 2008 and it is now used by over 100 organisations, including large top tier banks and other financial institutions. Itheon drives IT department efficiencies by monitoring and automating many tasks that your IT staff will be doing manually and also provides service management reporting and capacity planning.  
It’s functional, is fully supported and does not cost the Earth.

Technologies covered;

  • Windows & most Microsoft applications
  • Most flavours of Linux
  • AIX
  • Oracle
  • HPUX
  • IBM I (iSeries/AS400)

Please view our short video and if you would like to understand more about Itheon and how it could drive your IT department’s efficiency please feel free to contact us, or share the video with your colleagues.


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