UK Banking Start-up selects OLYMPIC Core Banking Software

Olympic Core banking software by ERI

International private banking and wealth management software specialist ERI has sold another banking licence in the UK with the support of IBM Cloud & Security IT specialist Blue Chip. This time a large overseas financial services business is in the process of expanding their global reach entering the UK banking market and ERI’s Olympic software has become their platform of choice.

The UK Government are in the middle of the largest banking shake up in modern times opening up the previously closed UK banking market to new players in a bid to increase competition and provide UK business and retail clients with more choice.

In one of their latest deals ERI have signed a significant overseas financial services heavy weight from the Middle East. They will be named in the coming months once their banking licence application has been granted and they launch their new range of service to businesses and high net worth individuals.
Over 170 banks across the World use the OLYMPIC banking software application. Recently this core banking software has become available as a cloud based offering. ERI Global Director of Sales Nicholas Hacking identified significant growth potential for ERI’s business by leveraging new Cloud based technology. This has made the Olympic product available to many more SME banks. Hackings strategy allows these banks to leverage ERI’s enterprise software in a secure private Cloud which provides their customers with all the functionality of Olympic at a TCO comparable with previously cheaper products with less functionality. “our customers don’t have to compromise or choose between functionality and price, now they can have functionality with a low TCO”

ERI are just the latest in a line of ISV’s from banking and wealth management industries who are now offering their application as a Cloud service with the added protection enterprise Cyber security provided similar to the top global banks ERI’s SME banking clients can now enjoy the same level of protection without the high price tag.

Why buy OLYMPIC Banking Software in the Cloud?
•    Swiss quality & easy and intuitive functionality without the high cost
•    Turn-key banking solution (speed of deployment & operational within Months)
•    Latest Web Banking Functionality, Wealth Management Features and Governance
•    Enterprise cyber security including IPS & DDoS
•    Data is held securely in the UK which is politically stable and tax efficient
•    English, Mandarin, French, and Arabic speaking support teams

This blog was written by Lee Bailey an IT Cloud evangelist with over 20 Years industry experience. Should you are any questions relating to this blog or would like to find out if your business could receive similar benefits please feel free to contract Lee directly


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