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14 Mar 2018
Tree Planting

Our sustainability commitment: How we’re ‘walking the walk’, as well as talking the talk

At Blue Chip, we’re committed to ensuring that our operations are sustainable, and we’re always looking for ways to contribute within our local area. That’s why we value our partnership with local charity The Forest of Marston Vale so much – because it allows us to do both!

In recent weeks, a number of members of the Blue Chip team, along with our customers, have been planting trees at The Forest of Marston Vale. We’re incredibly proud of those who got involved, as they managed to plant 400 trees in just two days! Here’s why we did it…

Offsetting our impact

We own and operate two cutting-edge data centres in the Bedfordshire area, and we have worked extensively to ensure that they’re as energy efficient as possible. We’ve invested heavily in efficiency measures such as creating 1200mm floor voids, cold aisle containment, Adiabatic cooling and warm air recycling. These initiatives have enabled us to achieve an impressive Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.1 for our data centres, which means that they’re some of the greenest facilities in Europe.

While we’re always striving to become even more sustainable, our day-to-day operations inevitably still have some effect on the environment. We also know that many of our customers are as enthusiastic as we are about sustainability, so we run a number of tree planting days throughout the year, so our customers can join us in giving something back to the local environment.

Why tree planting?

Planting trees is one of the ways in which we can help mitigate climate change, because trees store carbon. In the UK alone, forests and woodlands remove around 10 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year.[1] This makes tree planting a great way to help offset your carbon footprint. 

The Forest of Marston Vale was first established in the 1990s, when the government designated a 61 square mile area between Bedford and Milton Keynes a community forest. This area was once home to Stewartby Brickworks, and the land has been damaged by decades of brickmaking. The Forest of Marston Vale is working to rejuvenate this land with trees and woodlands.

We have been working in partnership with The Forest of Marston Vale for over seven years, and in that time, our team and our customers have planted over 88,000 trees. Our most recent tree planting activities took place in Waypost Wood, where planting first began in 2017 and is expected to be completed in the next few months. Despite the freezing temperatures, our team of volunteers planted a mixture of hornbeam, oak, maple and cherry trees – and had a great time doing so!

Get involved

We have pledged to plant 2,000 trees for every rack we manage because this number of trees will absorb the equivalent carbon as we emit from powering those racks. This makes over 750,000 trees in total – so we’ll be holding plenty more planting days in the future! If you’d like to find out more about how we’re working to become more sustainable, or you’d like to join us on one of our future tree-planting days, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01234 224400 or email


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