Top 8 Must Haves in Business Process Monitoring

essentials for business process monitoring

Monitoring tools used to simply tell you how busy your CPU, memory or disk space was. These tools are now no longer fit for purpose. Monitoring must now understand how your business is performing, how the activities enabled or driven by IT are affecting your bottom line. Each of us has a set of core activities that drive revenue, and most of those rely on IT. This should be the goal of your monitoring solution.

This isn’t meant to be any kind of technical description of your solution rather the benefits you should be able to achieve.

BPM or Business Process Monitoring is the only method of understanding these activities and achieving these goals. The benefits include:

1. Typically 46% of operational tasks safely removed

Safe automation enables your team to be free of the mundane time consuming but at the same time-critical tasks. Now you’re checking the one backup that failed rather than the 50 that worked. Executing that manual task correctly every time. Automation frees resource and ensures that things happen first time every time, on time.

2. Reduce the number of alerts, see the real problem

Business Process Monitoring ensures that from the countless performance data and measured metrics your system is aware of YOU are working on the alerts that mean your business is affected. This happens when your solution understands what combination of assets and alerts comprise any business activity. Last but not least the technical problem needs to be shown to the technical team, while the same problem explained in real-world language needs to be delivered to the stakeholders, directors and service delivery team.

3. Make best practice consistent and repeatable

Automation, and Business Process awareness ensures your responses are in line with best practice. This keeps quality management high and repeatable.

4. Minimise growth in operational costs

Clarity and automation deliver the ability to gain operational savings while keeping the growth of your costs lower than the growth of your company.

5. Increased efficiency by using one tool

The ability to have a single pane of glass means you can not only lower management overheads in terms of time and cost but also deliver the following benefits to your teams and customers.

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Improved user experience
  • Clear ownership            
  • No passing the buck
  • No long meeting while who owns the problem is defined

6. Controlling business process quality

You can’t control what you cannot measure. Being able to understand, benchmark and define how your business processes are performing is the first step to improvement, and sustainable robust delivery.

7. Reduce time to deliver new services

The market today is ever-growing, and shifting. Our businesses have to react while controlling costs and overheads. Releasing operational resources from mundane tasks, increases clarity, measurement and performance of your business. This enables the reduction of redundant tasks, and frees time and resource, therefore speeding up delivery of new services.

8. Work on the important task affecting the business

The most important till last. When your solution can make sense of all of the sea of data that exists in your estate. Then it can ensure your teams are reacting to the problem that is affecting the bottom line. This renders old fashioned IT metric monitoring solutions redundant. They are no longer fit for purpose, you run a business, you should be able to monitor it, see and fix the problems affecting it.

My next few blogs will explore each of these headings in more detail, however I think if you look for these abilities in your solution you will be as close as you can be to realising the real aims of Business Process Monitoring.


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