Three things to consider for Power 6 and 7 systems

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Three things to consider for Power 6 and 7 systems
Friday, 29th March 2019

End of standard maintenance doesn’t have to mean end of life for your Power 6 and 7 systems. There are three things to consider.

With IBM announcing that they are withdrawing standard hardware maintenance service from March on Power 6 systems, and September on Power 7, many businesses across the UK may be concerned, and feel it is essential to upgrade to the latest Power 9 system to keep their critical functions operating.

However, upgrading servers, their components and the programs, can cause huge disruption and potential down time, not to mention the financial outlay. In many cases, there is no need!

Before taking the plunge to upgrade, it may be worth considering whether it is really the best option? Maybe your current Power system can still provide the service your business needs? Consider these three questions before taking the plunge to overhaul your entire system.

  1. Are you pushing your current system to the brink, how much data do you actually need and how fast?
    In many cases, companies have oodles of free storage space on their current server, and it is delivered at a speed that allows the business and the users connected to it to function happily. It may be worth analysing your current usage, and anticipated growth and how this may affect speed of delivery and pressure on the current system. It may just be that the Power 7 is still more than adequate for another year, two years, three or beyond!.
  2. Investment versus return. Is it the best commercial decision?
    If you spend thousands upgrading the system, what tangible benefit are you going to see in terms of improving business function? Does this add up to saving money when offset against purchase costs? Perhaps a better return could be gained from having a comprehensive maintenance package for the current Power 6?
  3. Does it still serve its purpose?
  4. Some servers are put in place initially for a specific function or reason, and sure, over time that goal may change, with the workload increasing or decreasing. It’s vital to check if your Power 6 or 7 system is still performing the tasks it was set out to do. It may not look as flash as a Power 9, but if it still packs the punch needed, the saving could be used to improve other areas of the IT department.

At Blue Chip, we can extend the life of your Power 6 and 7 beyond this year, keeping them running at their peak, and doing so for many years to come.

However, if the upgrade is the TRUE NEED, we can also supply, install and support your new Power 9 infrastructure.

IBM Power6 and Power7 end of life
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This article was written by Geoff Foster. Business Development Manager (Maintenance Specialist)
Telephone: 01234 227094