The three pillars of a hardware maintenance service

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18 Mar 2020
The three pillars of a hardware maintenance service

Hardware maintenance: it’s not sexy, and It’s certainly not a head turner. However, it is essential to any business running IT infrastructure. Often, it is ignored and even undervalued. But when your critical IT is down, hardware maintenance is your  last defence against disaster.

If you’ve ever been in this position, then you’ll know how valuable a great hardware maintenance service can be. It really can be a vital difference. For those currently going through the process to appoint experts to provide hardware maintenance cover for their infrastructure, here are the three pillars that we at Blue Chip have found imperative over the last three decades of providing unrivalled hardware maintenance.

The people. Our service is very ‘people-centric’. If you’re going to spend money on break-fix hardware maintenance, then you need to be sure that the person or people who come to the rescue are highly skilled. Have they got the certifications? How many years of experience? Have you spoken with them? You need to trust them. After all, you don’t want to sign a deal to find an inexperienced engineer with no knowledge of the systems you run, to turn up when production is on its back.

The parts.There is no point having amazing engineers coming to the rescue if the parts they’re utilising aren’t up to industry standard. This isn’t a case of bad workmen blaming their tools, good engineers need great quality parts! As a bonus, the supplier should have tested parts so you can be sure there will be no parts dead-on-arrival.

The places.You have found great people, highly skilled engineers with the best certified parts. This last pillar bring it all together.

We have a network of engineers strategically located throughout the United Kingdom, ready to hit SLAs. Beyond this, we have partnerships across Europe and North America, which means hardware maintenance can be provided outside the UK, with levels of service, quality and expertise similar to our own.

This gives reassurance that hardware maintenance is never far away. We know that every second counts when it comes to business continuity. It’s no use waiting for an engineer to drive up from Cornwall if you’re based in Glasgow, for example.

You need to be sure that there are highly skilled engineers and top-quality parts in strategic locations, meaning wherever you are based, your break-fix hardware maintenance provider isn’t far away.

The experience and expertise of Blue Chip

Blue Chip has been providing specialist break-fix hardware maintenance since 1987, standing out in the IT industry by providing an exceptional customer experience. We’ve hit this enviable reputation by following the three pillars outlined here. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us.


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This article was written by Kieran Gash.

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