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With a rock-solid assurance of security and an impressive record on uptime, Blue Chip Cloud is the platform that deserves to be the foundation for your enterprise cloud solutions. A wide variety of organisations have chosen us to host their business-critical IBM and ‘Wintel’ x86 systems inside our data centres. Through the expertise and experience we have in providing IBM cloud services, we’ve established a strong reputation in providing IBM i, AIX, Windows, Linux and Unix environments on demand and at scale.


Our data centres operate with dual-feed power supplies, generators and a UPS backup guarantee of over 99% availability. Blue Chip’s primary data centre is Tier IV by design, offering a 2N+1 redundancy. Firewalls are deployed within highly available clusters, removing the chance of a single point of failure.

This level of resiliency means everything we do within our data centres is replicated as a fail-safe, providing an extra layer of backup for additional resilience and surety.

Having a data centre at this standard of stability is one part of the resilience equation. The other part is having the skills to deploy the technology in the most resilient way possible so there is no single point of failure within the configuration’s design.

Our in-house expertise across the disciplines of many vendors for compute, SAN, storage, networking and operating systems means we can deploy the underlying technologies with resilience to complement that of our data centre.

Delivering our own third party IT infrastructure maintenance enables us to support all the underlying compute and associated hardware putting us in control should an issue arise

At Blue Chip, we do everything we can to maximise cloud uptime.


When it comes to expanding your business, we understand that there is nothing you want in your way to hold you back from doing so. That’s why our cloud is fully scalable to your needs, and you only pay for what you need. The ability to scale up or down, at short notice, should be part of any enterprise cloud strategy.

We always have compute capabilities available, ready to meet your needs for enterprise cloud solutions. In September 2020 we added over 80 IBM POWER9 cores into our cloud, ready for new workloads to move in, along with the capacity for thousands of virtual machines, each driven by VMware. These additions reinforce our commitment to providing IBM cloud services for enterprise-sized workloads.


One of the most important aspects of a service to any customer is availability. When it comes to IT environments, being able to restore to a working state in the event of a failure can often be vital to an organisation. A customer will often tend to have systems higher up the chain of importance, or systems that are seen to be more ‘business-critical’ than others.

We can rapidly restore entire copies of systems without the need for our staff to be physically present by the hardware. This also applies to our ability to simply retrieve a small number of files.

These extensive capabilities have enabled us to continue delivering enterprise cloud solutions, even during lockdown.

If you are looking for an enterprise-class cloud platform from a provider who puts your needs first, then get in touch.


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