The Supersonic Cloud

supersonic cloud

The latest challenge we set our Technical Team was to come up with something special, something fast, something supersonic.

If you have read recent IBM press you will know Blue Chip have the largest IBM Power Cloud on the planet running on top of an IBM Power 7+ chip set.

By providing price competitive processing capacity we have been able to cut massive chunks of customer batch processing times.

Some customers want even more speed and have über intensive IO requirements where the addition of more processing capacity only provides a diminishing return.

So what if you need even greater speed?

Well, you could spend big bucks and go-it-alone, make mistakes configuring and it will cost you even more to put it right later.

So over the last month the Technical Team have been locked away in the test labs trialling customer applications with really hungry appetites for speed, on IBM’s latest storage products alongside the Power7+ chip sets. We have configured, built and tested what I can best describe as the supersonic IBM Power Cloud.

The beauty of this new supersonic cloud is that you only need to buy the volume of processing and storage capacity that your company requires from day 1 at a fraction of the price of going alone, and you can expand in much smaller, frequent increments proving those significant cloud based TCO (total cost of ownership) savings that an on-premise solution can only dream of.

If your company runs IBM i or AIX and wants to better understand how moving from an on-premise to off-premise solution may help your business you’re welcome to contact me.


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