The monitoring software to watch over storms in your IT infrastructure

A perfect storm

In nature, a ‘perfect storm’ happens when cold air meets warm atmosphere and humid hot air coming in from three separate directions.  These rare conditions create the worst storms nature can deliver. In IT, ‘perfect storms’ are less rare as we set about building ever more complex worlds of interwoven applications with multiple external feeds, residing on a spider’s web of servers.

Out of these systems we pull and push masses of vital data, which needs to be securely handled at massive throughput.

In an IT utopia all our applications are perfect, your servers are massively over spec, and technicians have whatever time they need to make them work together. As we know, the unfortunate reality is that systems are put together to deal with 90% of expected issues. Add on to this the other things that lessen our perfection such as:

  • Timeouts between assets
  • Bugs in code
  • Compromises in the creation of software
  • Mistakes
  • Servers under stress
  • Networks face a multitude of hard-working devices

New scientific studies show the average human mind can keep track of just three or four things at once. That’s nowhere near enough for our increasingly complex systems. Studies show 86% of data breaches are due to human error. Any task that relies on human error is 81% liable to be done incorrectly at least once in a calendar year.

The rub is that we rely on this imperfection every single day to keep our companies running. Even the most robust servers, like IBM Power running on IBM i, run code is written by people and must communicate and with other technologies and hardware.

We live in a permanent perfect storm. Humans need help because our systems are doing many hundreds of things each second. Data moves around and humans are driving many critical transactions imperfectly.

Just what you need to see

Designed to bring clarity, insight and automation over these problems, Itheon is Blue Chip’s monitoring software. This monitors all your operating platforms and applications. It’s been designed from the ground up to handle the volumes of data produced by the myriad assets in your infrastructure and works out what you need to see.

With modern data storage and retrieval, Itheon picks up on the millions of metrics flowing through your systems and shows only the things you need to see.  Itheon understands how that spider’s web of applications works, highlighting to you where the thread breaks and the impact it has.

Those tasks that your teams must do perfectly each time every time? Itheon corrects them when it comes across imperfection. This software can easily control all your server monitoring from one place, ensuring management of even the most complex monitoring, is done through a few clicks.

Truly multi-platform, without a weak partner in the list, Itheon gives you best-of-breed monitoring to cover a wide range of your server operating systems.

  • IBM i
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • OpenVMS

This means you can see all your systems in one place. Itheon points out what you need to see so that your teams understand the problem and its implications.

Cost-effective and mature, our monitoring software is designed for the perfect storm, proven by managing many household names’ servers and applications for many years.

If you’re looking to manage a disparate collection of server systems and applications, speak to Blue Chip about Itheon. It’s the monitoring software to calm and control any nightmare situation.  The perfect storm in nature is something we simply have to ride out, the perfect storm in IT is brought under control with clarity, insight and automation. 

Let Blue Chip show you how.


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