IBM infrastructure services

We have acquired quite the portfolio when it comes to IBM infrastructure services. Our experience spans back over three decades, starting with hardware maintenance. Then our collection of services gradually evolved to providing managed services.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a managed service provider (MSP) who manages upwards of 10% of the UK’s banking traffic on Europe’s largest IBM Power cloud, but having established our purpose-built software-defined data centre, we’re able to boast just that.

When it comes to IBM, our expertise and experience are unparalleled. We regularly deliver hardware refreshes, carry out complex server transitions and host infrastructure for hundreds of companies around the world.

Hardware maintenance

Blue Chip’s foundations are based on the maintenance of IBM machines. Starting with AS/400 and RS/6000, we have progressed with the times. Right now, we eagerly await the next generation in the Power series – POWER10.

Yet, we never forget our roots. We still maintain AS/400 machines, with several of our customers not physically able to migrate from these systems.

More than just IBM

When it comes to servers, routers, storage and just about any other equipment within a data centre, we’re ready to maintain it, often at a fraction of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) costs. Our acquisition by Service Express earlier this year also means we’ve widened our maintenance abilities to cover a vast array of hardware vendors.

Blue Chip Cloud

Over three decades of close partnership with IBM has helped us to establish Europe’s largest IBM Power cloud. Through this impressive and advanced cloud, we can deliver Linux, Windows, z/OS, AIX and IBM i environments alongside public cloud services, giving you a hybrid cloud option.

You have the assurance that our cloud platform has security, performance and speed of delivery as core principles at point of creation.


We don’t just sell IBM storage, but we use it ourselves too. When it comes to storing data, we know how to best utilise digital capacity with IBM storage better than anyone else. Especially with the simplification of their storage, IBM’s consolidation of their primary storage into a single family of products allows our customers’ needs to be met every time.

Our Tier III and IV by design data centres

At the heart of the services we provide, are our Tier III and IV by design data centres, the latter of which, we have literally built from the ground up. We own the land that each of our data centres occupy, which means no nasty surprises when the landowner decides they might want to do something different with the land.

Our green credentials are the envy of the industry. With a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.13 we are well below the UK’s average of 1.8. It’s also more favourable when compared to the 1.2 benchmark which is considered by many as ‘low usage’. These data centres are also software-defined, which has allowed us to perfectly provide service to our customers without interruption, even amidst a global pandemic. Where other MSPs have failed, we have managed to continue with business-critical support.

Whether it’s maintaining your systems, migrating your infrastructure into our cloud, or simply having us as a disaster recovery provider, we do everything expected of an MSP and much more.


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