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The Blue Chip Cloud is a unique hybrid cloud solution. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? In this article, we’ll explain exactly what makes the Blue Chip Cloud so beneficial for businesses looking to achieve flexibility while ensuring enterprise levels of security.

Let’s start with an overview.

Blue Chip Cloud is built on three key principles: security, performance and speed of delivery. This is because over the last three decades in business we’ve learnt that these factors are what businesses value most when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

We deliver Linux, Microsoft, z/OS, AIX and IBM i systems together with public cloud in a highly accessible and compatible way. Using flash storage as a basis, we can also maintain unparalleled performance and scalability levels.

This threefold focus is our ‘secret sauce’, so to speak. It enables us to provide highly secure environments for mission-critical work in a swift and agile way.

Partners with IBM

We’ve been with IBM since our company was founded back in 1987. Back then, we were a provider of third-party maintenance on IBM hardware. After a few years, we expanded to disaster recovery and hosting customer systems before setting our sights upwards, to the cloud.

We’re proud to say that today, Blue Chip can guarantee provisioning of new IBM Power infrastructure within 48 hours for standard workloads. We’ve found that our implementation speed is one of the things our customers value most about our solution and service.

“Some companies are so tightly bound by processes that it can lead to inflexibility; Blue Chip handled the process pragmatically as opposed to following a ‘one size fits all’ approach.” – Solution architect for global healthcare provider

We’ve used IBM components to build our Software Defined Data Centre, which is well equipped to provide a unique orchestration and automation service to customers. We’re also able to offer total storage flexibility to account for peaks and dips in usage.

The technical bits

Before diving into the main benefits of the Blue Chip Cloud, let’s take a look at a few of the technical aspects of the solution for those requiring a deeper insight into the way it works.

  • All data is encrypted at rest, and replicated between data centres
  • Metro cluster is configured between physical data centres
  • http, https and complicated load balancer rules are available
  • Ability to log and analyse applications well as operating systems
  • Fully managed platform to operating system level
  • Enterprise level security and logging available
  • HA firewall pair with IPS enabled by default
  • Secure storage services with guaranteed UK data residency
  • Secure and scalable block storage on request
  • Highly durable object storage with S3 interface

Learn more about the Blue Chip Cloud here.

The main benefits of Blue Chip Cloud

  1. You only pay for what you need

Processing requirements rarely remain the same year-round, which is why we’ve built our solution to be flexible. You can match your processing requirements to demand whenever you want with Blue Chip Cloud to be more efficient and avoid paying for services you don’t need. This is also relevant for businesses experimenting with AI testing.

  1. It’s very quick to implement

Our aim is to deliver built environments within 48 hours, and our high levels of automation mean we’ve been known to do it in much shorter time frames. Our UK-based data centres enable us to deliver very high levels of service and provide second-to-none testing facilities.

“Some companies are so tightly bound by processes that it can lead to inflexibility; Blue Chip handled the process pragmatically as opposed to following a ‘one size fits all’ approach.” – Solution architect for global healthcare provider

  1. We’re incredibly connected

The hybrid nature of our cloud service means that our customers can retain a level of control over their own solution. We can also connect to public cloud providers used by our customers for less critical or sensitive workloads, while critical infrastructure remains under lock and key in our UK-based data centres.

  1. Most importantly, we’re very secure

Regular auditing and comprehensive certification, including SOC2 and PCI for managed services, is something we prioritise. We also protect our customers’ data with a wide selection of security software, including anti-DDoS and additional firewalls.

Every single member of our development team is qualified to build zero trust environments. Such expertise enables us to produce bespoke solutions with the technical elements which are most important to a specific customer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your business can benefit from the Blue Chip Cloud, contact our customer service team today. No matter what you need for your cloud environment, we’ll endeavour to provide a solution that fits seamlessly.


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