multivendor maintenance covering data centre hardware

If you could save money, reduce stress, and extend the life of your servers, wouldn’t you want to do that?

Manufacturers are known to hike the price of extended warranty just to force you into having the choice of two evils, expensive support or buying brand new hardware. Most of the time you know that your systems could continue for at least a couple of years, they are performing as would be expected and you don’t have any plans of upgrading or moving to the cloud.

Now is the time to think about taking your server maintenance to a third party. At Blue Chip we’ve seen a number of customers across the finance, retail, logistics and pharmaceutical industries, come to us to maintain their IBM servers. An increasing number have come to us for our multivendor server maintenance, knowing we’ve got a competent team of engineers that can look after machines from multiple manufacturers.

In speaking to customers, I’ve found that the biggest benefits they’ve found from bringing multivendor server maintenance under one contract have been:

  • Overall cost saving
    By outsourcing your server maintenance to a third party you’re already dropping the cost compared to a continued maintenance contract with the manufacturer or from an unnecessary upgrade. Choosing multivendor server maintenance can further reduce your costs by reducing your partner contracts down to one.
  • One telephone number to rule them all
    By reducing your contracts to one service provider, your point of contacts dramatically reduces. Instead of needing to call separate numbers there’s just the one.
  • Trusted engineer
    The customers I’ve spoken with have found that having a dedicated engineer on their account not only makes it easier in communicating an issue but allows them to trust that a job is being done properly.
  • Extend the life of your existing assets
    Instead of unnecessarily upgrading your systems to avoid a hike in maintenance fees you’re making your assets last longer. This not only saves you money but reduces the stress of migrating data to a new server every couple of years to avoid rising maintenance costs. One benefit many Blue Chip customers have found is that our decades of knowledge and recycle scheme make it easier for us to keep your systems going when compared to competitors.


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