The 4 benefits of remote IBM server management

Remote IBM OS monitoring

IBM still dominates when it comes to server hardware and operating systems (OSs). Power Systems are a popular option for a mid-range server and the mainframes are rightfully recognised as reliable powerhouses. However, organisations are struggling as the servers age and their OS versions of IBM i and AIX fall out of date. Thankfully, with our expertise, remote IBM server management could be the answer. We’ll explain the four main benefits of this option.

1) Cut risks through remote IBM server management

Having a remote managed service gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience of specialists, whose only focus is looking after and maintaining the health of your IT environment. If you have management from the dedicated experts at Blue Chip, then you have the assurance of there always being an experienced specialist available should any incident occur, knowing exactly what is needed to find and resolve an error before it impacts your business.

At Blue Chip, we employ 231 people in the UK, with over 150 of these in a technical role. There are over 28 certified IBM i specialists, a further 40 technicians who work on IBM Power Systems daily, and our Intel teams are larger than our IBM teams.

In most cases, they find and resolve any problems before they occur. This, combined with having a 24/7 service desk available means that your environment is in the hands of experts and significantly reduces the risk of any downtime or issues with your systems.

2) Get a performance boost

As part of the service at Blue Chip, a comprehensive monitoring tool is installed across your systems. This tool can pick up and monitor everything within the operating systems of your environment, including performance data. This enables our technicians to constantly review and find areas to improve the performance of the systems, ensuring your business benefits from optimal performance.

We include Service Delivery Managers who arrange monthly meetings to review the service. This includes proposals to increase system performance and ways to extend the lifetime of your systems. Added to this, our technical teams will provide housekeeping actions on operating systems like IBM I, AIX and z/OS, to help maximise the performance by tidying up and removing any unneeded data.

3) Save time

One key benefit of having our experts look after your IBM operating systems is the completion of the mundane yet essential daily operational tasks, from daily backups to health checks and end-of-day processes. Our team complete all these duties and allow your staff to spend time adding more value back into the business and, ultimately, serving your end customers.

4) Make huge cost savings

At Blue Chip, we believe our remote managed service should be fully inclusive. That is why it’s a full 24/7 service including absolutely everything for the upkeep of your environment’s operating systems. A single annual fee covers every aspect of operating system management, giving you a clear understanding of your costs and allowing you to budget effectively without any unexpected charges.

Whereas typically out-of-hours system upgrades or PTF upgrades are an additional cost to the business, all of this is included within our remote managed service, saving you a significant amount of money.

Why you deserve a remote IBM managed service

If you have any IBM systems that are critical to your business, but have an on-premise IT infrastructure, then a remote managed service is the perfect solution for you. We will reliably take away the hassle and risk of managing the essential daily operations, enabling you to focus on what’s important to your business. Contact us today.


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