sustainable data centre

The definition of a sustainable data centre

Environmental concerns have come to the forefront of conversation over the past few years as climate change becomes an ever more tangible threat. The idea of a sustainable data centre sounds like an oxymoron at first, as IT infrastructure and networking is, after all, run on equipment that needs to be powered 24/7. However, it...
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sustainable IT

Delivering sustainable IT to enterprises

With the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have experienced unparalleled levels of disruption this year. But despite the distractions, we are still committed to reducing the ecological impact of our operations and our customers This is why we have a solid reputation in providing sustainable IT. We believe that we’re all responsible for...
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sustainable data centre

IT with an environmentally focused mindset

Many businesses around the world are now exploring how to reduce their carbon footprint, and we are no exception. We are all very aware of our actions and the effect our standards of living, as the human race, are having on the planet, and I ask at which point do we take it seriously?  Seriously...
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working from home IT

How much pressure is home working having on your critical IT systems?

The UK Government has quite rightly recommended that those who can, should work from home during the continued fight against COVID-19. This of course means that there will be a huge amount of pressure on businesses technology to allow employees to perform their roles as close as possible to being at their permanent place of...
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which cloud for retail

Five cloud compliance challenges faced by the retail industry

Evolving business models and buying behaviours are changing the way retail businesses operate. To remain competitive and maintain healthy profit margins, these companies need to focus on growing their market reach, managing stock flow efficiently during peaks and troughs while executing effective marketing campaigns. We’ve only scratched the surface, because retailers need robust and compliant...
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Forest of Marston Vale

Blue Chip – helping create the Forest of Marston Vale

We commissioned our Tier 4 Design data centre ten years ago. With climate change a growing topic of concern and the construction phase about to begin, we had in mind a few ways that could make our data centre one of the most efficient in the UK. This is where our relationship with the Forest...
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lightning strike

Blue Chip stays up when the grid goes down during largest power outage for decades

Lightning strike on National Grid transmission circuit at Eaton Socon-Wymondley Main, 16:52 09/08/2019. This results in two power sources reducing their energy supplies to the grid. Hornsea off-shore windfarmLittle Barford gas power station 1.1 million customers were left without power for around 15-20 minutes. Critical facilities were included among this, such as Ipswich Hospital and...
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What do 34 million boiled kettles and Blue Chip have in common?

The answer? Sustainability.   Power! It’s something we try to save day in day out, whether you’re turning off all the lights in the house or cycling to work. You want a smaller carbon footprint. We at Blue Chip support this ideology and believe in the necessity for greener IT in business. Blue Chip has...
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