Server Maintenance

Server maintenance strategy for banking and financial institutions

One of the frequent questions I get asked by my clients is what to do about the balance of on-premises and cloud or managed service compute. The answer varies of course with each client, but one area remains the constant throughout, what to do with legacy technology. The term itself refers to technology (both software...
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downtime of OEM server maintenance

Can you afford the downtime of OEM server maintenance?

Are you evaluating support from a third-party provider against that of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)? A lot of businesses have faith in OEM server maintenance, which is understandable. The expectation is the OEM knows the equipment inside out and is therefore best placed to fix it should an issue arise. However, we’ve been providing...
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Blue Chip and Service Express are multivendor leaders

Blue Chip & Service Express: Multi-vendor market leaders

Bringing joy to the UK There have been two big announcements recently that have brought joy to many people in the UK. The first of these announcements being the Prime Minister’s plan to emerge out of lockdown, which I am sure many would say is the best thing to come out of 2021. The days...
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IBM i 7.2 end of support

Continuing IBM i 7.2 after end of support

For those frantically looking for IBM i 7.2 end of support options before the official end date of 30th April 2021, this is the right place to find a solution. At Blue Chip, we’ve helped many businesses continue using their IBM Power System through our unrivalled cost-saving solutions. To clarify, IBM i 7.2 is sometimes...
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