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FSQS certification

We’re FSQS registered, strengthening our commitment to financial services

It’s great to announce that Blue Chip is part of the Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) supplier qualification system, yet another string to our bow when it comes to our enviable list of data centre service certifications. Being FSQS registered is a mark of our commitment to banking and financial institutions, who are a significant...
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IT managed services case study

Case Study: Delivering stability, scalability and speed to a regulated financial services provider

If you would like to read our case study on how we provide a fully managed IT infrastructure for an international financial service provider, provide your details below.
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cloud security specialists

We specialise in cloud security

You may be surprised to hear that 94% of enterprises are already using a cloud service. Over the past decade, cloud computing has evolved from being something service providers told companies they should be adopting, to becoming the technological lifeblood that runs through most modern enterprises. These days, the cloud is the natural home for...
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PDF: Are you on top of your data protection?

Infographic: Are you on top of your data protection?

Please click on the graphic below to view the full PDF
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cloud security

How can regulated industries gain security in the cloud?

Concerns around data privacy have prevented some companies — particularly those in the most security-conscious industries — from moving to the cloud. Despite Gartner’s forecast that, by 2022, up to 60% of organisations will use an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering (double the percentage of organisations from 2018), there’s still some unease around...
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data centre lifecycle management

Why businesses use us for data centre lifecycle management

From the day your business case was approved, the necessary IT assets in the solution have been costing you money, time and resources while delivering benefit to the bottom line of your business. As time moves on, the cost of supporting those assets increases as software charges, maintenance costs and the retention of skilled resources...
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business server upgrade operating systems

Three reasons why your business must upgrade operating systems

Those who leave systems unsupported are at greater risk of a malware attack, data loss, unplanned downtime and/or data breaches. Businesses have come crashing down due to hubristic confidence in servers that lacked a support plan. Here we outline three reasons why a server upgrade in your hardware estate is a high priority. Vulnerabilities As...
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data security

A showcase of strength in Information Security

When you go on holiday for a week, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind as you step onto the aeroplane? “Did I lock the back door?!” Even though I know I have, it’s the peace of mind I need. In business and IT it’s no different!  This 2018 IBM i Marketplace survey...
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PCI DSS for cloud hosting

Choosing the right PCI DSS partner for cloud hosting

PCI-DSS certification is crucial for handling payments. Blue Chip adheres to the strongest standards, meaning we are trusted around the world for handling credit card and other transaction information in our data centres. Matthew Bailey, National Sales Director, talks of why this is vital for industries such as retail and Fintech.
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Meeting and exceeding data compliancy standards

Meeting and exceeding data compliancy standards for providing IT services

PCI-DSS; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015; ISO 22301:2012; ISO 27001:2013 and SOC2 are among the high standards which Blue Chip adheres to. Derek Waterman, Chief Compliance Officer, takes us through these IT and security standards, explaining what they mean.
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