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IBM infrastructure services

The best choice for IBM infrastructure services

We have acquired quite the portfolio when it comes to IBM infrastructure services. Our experience spans back over three decades, starting with hardware maintenance. Then our collection of services gradually evolved to providing managed services. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a managed service provider (MSP) who manages upwards of 10% of the UK’s banking traffic...
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IBM mainframe maintenance

60 secs: IBM Mainframe Maintenance

Slash your IBM data centre hardware maintenance support costs. Save around 50%. All genuine parts held in stock, in the UK.
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IBM mainframe and Power Systems recycling

Our IBM mainframe and Power System recycling program

As the country’s leader in green IT, we’re looking to buy old IBM mainframes and IBM Power systems in the UK, to recycle parts ready for IBM and other third-party maintenance providers around the world. For those with an old mainframe or Power system no longer in use or an upgrade schedule that’s likely to...
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Mainframe upgrades

Mainframe upgrades with 85% discount

Blue Chip has a strong reputation in providing quality refurbished data centre hardware, along with unparalleled technical expertise in supporting such equipment. We have a global network of suppliers providing us with nearly-new IBM mainframes, such as z13s and DS8870 storage arrays. Our unique position means we can provide you with upgrades with typical savings of...
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Legacy IBM servers

Spending a day in Blue Chip’s past

There’s a huge black monolith facing me, setting a tone of mystery, and I’m locked in a huge room with a cameraman. I’m not on the set of ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’, but in a data centre located in Bedford, looking back at the past three decades of Blue Chip’s history. A lot of...
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