Legacy Software Maintenance
IBM maintenance engineer

Why partner with Blue Chip for IBM maintenance services?

Hardware maintenance you can rely onWhether you are reselling manufacturer maintenance, or an end customer who has the responsibility for keeping your business’s infrastructure maintained and in working condition Blue Chip can support your needs. Blue Chip goes about delivering support and maintenance the old-fashioned way. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional support and nothing...
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We know a thing or two about legacy systems

Twilio – a cloud communications platform – conducted an online survey on how COVID-19 has accelerated businesses towards their digital transformation, and they came back with some interesting results from the UK respondents. 96% of UK decision makers said that the recent pandemic has sped up their company’s plans to digitally transform.  As many businesses...
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legacy IBM hardware support

Legacy hardware support from Blue Chip

Among the many specialities of Blue Chip, is the capability to look after older servers, a huge variety of IBM platforms that date right back to the AS/400 era.
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IBM legacy support for AIX systems

How to get around IBM legacy software support for AIX operating systems

With IBM withdrawing support on older releases of AIX, I have seen a flurry of customers reaching out to IBM and paying additional support fees to provide them with extended support. Of course from IBM’s point of view they don’t want to be supporting older releases of AIX, however for many customers it’s just not...
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