Case Study: The enterprise-class monitoring solution for an international logistics operation

If you would like to read our case study on how Itheon was established to monitor crucial parts of an international logistics operation, provide your details below.
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A perfect storm

The monitoring software to watch over storms in your IT infrastructure

In nature, a ‘perfect storm’ happens when cold air meets warm atmosphere and humid hot air coming in from three separate directions.  These rare conditions create the worst storms nature can deliver. In IT, ‘perfect storms’ are less rare as we set about building ever more complex worlds of interwoven applications with multiple external feeds,...
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maximising uptime

Maximise your uptime with BPM

If you’re an IT professional, you’ll probably have noticed that your remit is becoming more varied as technology advances. But as responsibilities are added to your to-do list – like exploring how AI could benefit your business, for example – ensuring the availability of your critical systems remains paramount. For many, it’s becoming increasingly difficult...
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PDF: Itheon competitor comparison

Infographic: Itheon Competitor Comparison

Please click on the infographic within this post to view the full PDF
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Using Itheon

Video: The right tools for the job; Managing your systems effectively

Certain professions require specialist tools; whether you’re a fireman, carpenter or a builder. The right tools in business are also essential.Having the right system management tools in place is really no different, yet far too many companies continue to rely upon their staff to manage systems manually, without the right tools. Blue Chip purchased Itheon in 2008...
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monitoring tools

6 things I want my monitoring tool to do for me

Our Service desk team, with their 2000+ systems and devices to monitor, have been asking for the Itheon Appliance to be far more active with what it can do to help them.  They want to click a button on a problem that gives them options with how to handle the message.  I have therefore made a list...
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monitoring services

“Here’s one we prepared earlier” vs “How long have you got?”: The different methods of providing monitoring add-ons

Server monitoring should always go beyond the Operating System.  The ability to monitor an applications performance, a storage device connected to the server, or a website availability from the user-end should all be integral to ensuring an infrastructure is monitored effectively. The question that arises when using a monitoring product for all these is how the software...
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business process monitoring

Top THREE Benefits of Business Process Monitoring (BPM)

One – AutomationAutomation has been one of the main benefits of IT since its creation. Alan Turing created one of the first computers for decryption of enemy messages. This removed human error, freed valuable resources, sped up the process and gained faster results. There are even more positive outcomes for your company today. Why? Because...
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the purpose of computing

The purpose of monitoring should be insight

According to Richard Wesley Hamming one of the founding fathers of IT, the purpose of computing is not numbers, its insight. Insight is the ability to gain a deep understanding of something that has ramifications for how we should select our IT solutions and how we should present them. The reason for this is explained...
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essentials for business process monitoring

Top 8 Must Haves in Business Process Monitoring

Monitoring tools used to simply tell you how busy your CPU, memory or disk space was. These tools are now no longer fit for purpose. Monitoring must now understand how your business is performing, how the activities enabled or driven by IT are affecting your bottom line. Each of us has a set of core...
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