IT Managed Services

Case Study: Reducing cost while improving efficiency and operations for a state-owned bank

If you would like to read our case study on how we provide a fully managed IT infrastructure for a well-known bank, provide your details below.
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IBM i 7.2 end of support

Continuing IBM i 7.2 after end of support

For those frantically looking for IBM i 7.2 end of support options before the official end date of 30th April 2021, this is the right place to find a solution. At Blue Chip, we’ve helped many businesses continue using their IBM Power System through our unrivalled cost-saving solutions. To clarify, IBM i 7.2 is sometimes...
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IT managed services case study

Case Study: Delivering stability, scalability and speed to a regulated financial services provider

If you would like to read our case study on how we provide a fully managed IT infrastructure for an international financial service provider, provide your details below.
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Introducing Blue Chip Cloud

Introducing Blue Chip Cloud

Does your IT strategy keep pace with your business? Blue Chip Cloud is a secure, resilient and cost-effective foundation for growing your business, which comes with outstanding 24/7 customer service.
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data centres battling the heat

UK heatwave puts data centres under pressure

It’s been great news for ice-cream sellers, but not so good for the IT industry as the UK faced its second-hottest day on record. As we know, data centres require cooling to prevent downtime, and the current heatwave and humidity sweeping Britain, are huge challenges in the battle against outages. A huge cost for running a...
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G-Cloud 11 supplier

Blue Chip secures place on the G-Cloud 11 framework

The UK Government’s latest iteration of the G-Cloud procurement framework went live this month, aimed at enabling the public sector to purchase IT services such as hosting, IT support and cloud-based software. Blue Chip is now one of the suppliers of the G-Cloud 11 framework, offering services to councils and other government agencies across Britain....
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Free data centre hosting

Free mainframe data centre hosting

Yes, Blue Chip is offering mainframe data centre hosting free of charge, if your company switches maintenance to us. Is there a catch? How does this work? This is for real. The reason why we can do this, is that we own and operate our Tier 4 design and Tier III data centres here in the UK....
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IBM i Client Access

Out with IBM i Client Access, in with Access Client Solutions

IBM made Client Access end of life back on 30th April. The Client Access product has been around for many years but has not been refreshed beyond the V7R1 version. The official ‘end of support’ doesn’t mean the Client Access software will stop working. However, it does mean IBM no longer provide any software support,...
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