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How to eliminate scheduled downtime for IBM i and maximise your applications’ availability

In a recent Blue Chip webinar, Sales and Marketing Director Chris Smith caught up with Stuart Milligan from Midrange Dynamics, a company that provides affordable, feature-packed change management solutions for IBM i development teams worldwide. Blue Chip partners with Midrange Dynamics to ensure maximum uptime for its own customers. By taking a more DevOps-based approach...
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Upgrade IBM Power Systems and mainframes

Don’t get left behind, upgrade with Blue Chip’s expertise

Your business growth could be affected by outdated IT. For a systems refresh and to set out an improved journey for your ambitions, look to the experience and expertise of Blue Chip, the UK’s largest independent IBM specialist.
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IBM's biggest ever storage announcement

IBM’s biggest ever storage announcement

A very special episode of Disruptive LIVE, featuring Blue Chip’s take on the latest IBM storage announcements. Joining our host, Chris Smith, Director of Sales Marketing at Blue Chip, is Lee McEvoy, Storage Sales at IBM. IBM has recently introduced the tagline ’Simple is Smart’ in relation to the storage announcements. Chris will be exploring...
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

What’s new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Welcome to my area of the Blue Chip blog, a fast-track overview of new products, services and technical tips from the UNIX world, covering the multiple flavours of Linux such as Debian, SUSE and Red Hat Linux versions. On future blog updates, I will be going into a personal favourite of mine, being IBM’s own...
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IBM mainframe upgrades

60 secs: IBM Mainframe Upgrades

First class upgrades at third party prices, providing ‘as new’ technology, backed with our migration expertise.
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multivendor server support

Multivendor made simple

As I write this, thousands of engineers and IT managers across a multitude of UK-based data centres are encountering system problems and corporate demands to keep them busy throughout the coming days, weeks and months. Some of these issues lie in capacity planning as the company expands or the services they deliver are improved or...
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IBM printers

Where have all the IBM® printers gone? IBM® 6500 and IBM® 4247 Available from Blue Chip

With the demise of sales of IBM’s most popular impact printer range, withdrawn by Ricoh recently, where can you buy IBM® impact printers? Blue Chip of course! IBM® printers are still available from the original manufacturers, so all IBM® 6500 and 4247 models are still available. We continue to support our customers by being Compuprint and...
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