Employee benefits
How Blue Chip worked on the beach

How you could spend the day working on the beach, like we do at Blue Chip

We spent over 200 hours working outside this year, 75 of those on the beach, how? Just like you and I, Blue Chip care about more than just money. We want to make the world a better place for everyone. That’s why we launched our Colleague Volunteering Scheme last year to enable all our staff...
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Tree planting day 2

Tree planting

Our sustainability commitment: How we’re ‘walking the walk’, as well as talking the talk At Blue Chip, we’re committed to ensuring that our operations are sustainable, and we’re always looking for ways to contribute within our local area. That’s why we value our partnership with local charity The Forest of Marston Vale so much –...
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Bedford Ha;f Marathon Parkinson's UK

Blue Chip & the Bedford Half Marathon

You can often find us singing the praises of our exceptional team members, but it’s typically because of the outstanding service they provide for our clients. However, we’re also well aware that many of our staff continue to go above and beyond for others in their spare time. In September, several members of the Blue...
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Blue Chip at Woburn Golf Club

A Hole in One success for charity

Blue Chip Charity Golf Day sees 84 golfers take on the prestigious Marquess Course at Woburn Golf Club which will hold the British Masters later this year.  The day which supports Blue Chips chosen charity Keech Hospice has to this date raised over £27,000 is testament to the hard work of all the Blue Chip...
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