Data Centre Hardware Maintenance
multivendor maintenance contract

How to reduce Opex, save time and receive a better service with a single multivendor maintenance contract

When it comes to running a business’s IT infrastructure, it’s almost always better to consolidate. Handling lots of moving parts can be unnecessarily time-consuming, not to mention more expensive in the long run. In this article, Blue Chip’s Board and Maintenance Director, Lee Bailey, explains how a single multivendor maintenance contract can help organisations reduce...
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Multivendor hardware maintenance for your data centre

Why sell Blue Chip multivendor maintenance?

I have been working with and selling through partners for many years now and I find it surprising that, even in today’s market, some specialist partners are persevering with pushing single vendor Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. Then, they wonder why business is lost when a large global third-party maintainer comes along and sweeps up...
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IBM maintenance engineer

Why partner with Blue Chip for IBM maintenance services?

Hardware maintenance you can rely onWhether you are reselling manufacturer maintenance, or an end customer who has the responsibility for keeping your business’s infrastructure maintained and in working condition Blue Chip can support your needs. Blue Chip goes about delivering support and maintenance the old-fashioned way. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional support and nothing...
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single multivendor maintenance contract for your data centre

How to reduce Opex and gain better service with a single multivendor maintenance contract

At Blue Chip Live 2020, we explained how a single multivendor maintenance contract could reduce business costs and simplify operations.
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third-party IT maintenance

8 reasons to consider choosing third-party hardware maintenance providers over OEM support

It’s understandable why companies will go with Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support over a third-party provider. The overwhelming impression is that the vendor knows the hardware inside out, why risk handing maintenance to anyone else? Blue Chip has an outstanding reputation in third-party maintenance of IT infrastructure, spanning back three decades. We know we can...
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working in COVID-19 era with our data centre

In complete control of our software-defined data centre

Every aspect of our lives has been affected by conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many key players in the business landscape, working hard to maintain essential services. Preserving critical supply chains has been a challenge for many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), yet for Blue Chip there’s no issue. We have a Software-Defined Data...
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third-party maintenance for IT hardware

What is third party maintenance for IT hardware?

Third party maintenance for IT hardware typically manages server, storage and network equipment, either in data centres or at an organisation’s premises. As ‘third party’ suggests, this type of maintenance is an alternative to the traditional Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) post-warranty support, which tends to be expensive. To understand the features of third party maintenance,...
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IT server parts across Europe and the UK

Border closures’ impact on server parts availability

It has always been said that IT and technology go in cycles, we rarely see new things, just reinventions of previous ideas – centralisation/decentralisation, cloud, edge, outsourcing, etc. The situation we now find ourselves in is unprecedented, no-one in our lifetime has experienced anything like this. As a business, as a country, we know we...
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hardware maintenance

The three pillars of a hardware maintenance service

Hardware maintenance: it’s not sexy, and It’s certainly not a head turner. However, it is essential to any business running IT infrastructure. Often, it is ignored and even undervalued. But when your critical IT is down, hardware maintenance is your last defence against disaster. If you’ve ever been in this position, then you’ll know how...
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Teradata end of support

Is your Teradata end of support date coming soon?

Teradata has confirmed a series of ‘end of support’ dates, which could leave many companies with no support on their business-critical Data Warehousing Appliance. Of course, many companies will be weighing up the migration options available into cloud-based solutions, with Snowflake or Teradata Cloud being solid contenders. For those companies preferring an on-premise solution, the...
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