business server upgrade operating systems

Three reasons why your business must upgrade operating systems

Those who leave systems unsupported are at greater risk of a malware attack, data loss, unplanned downtime and/or data breaches. Businesses have come crashing down due to hubristic confidence in servers that lacked a support plan. Here we outline three reasons why a server upgrade in your hardware estate is a high priority. Vulnerabilities As...
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maximising uptime

Maximise your uptime with BPM

If you’re an IT professional, you’ll probably have noticed that your remit is becoming more varied as technology advances. But as responsibilities are added to your to-do list – like exploring how AI could benefit your business, for example – ensuring the availability of your critical systems remains paramount. For many, it’s becoming increasingly difficult...
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FlashSystems flash

Gone in a flash – Do FlashSystems deliver enterprise resilience?

A short time ago we were shouting about what a great step forward Flash was; https://www.bluechip.co.uk/blog/flash-ibm-i-paradigm-shiftHowever, time and a recent incident with FlashSystem failures has seen us take a step back and have another look at the whole Flash thing. ‘Enterprise resilience’, ‘no single point of failure’ and ‘reliability and efficiency for the most demanding...
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USA cloud providers data centres

I’m glad I don’t work for a US-owned cloud provider

As the fall out of Snowden continues, it’s now the US IT industry which is going through widespread surveillance, which may stop businesses around the World from working with American companies. Last Thursday we saw Microsoft suffering another setback in their case, testing cross-border law enforcement of the cloud computing era, after it was ordered...
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