Intel x86 Solutions and Upgrades
Recycling IBM Power Systems and mainframes

60 secs: Recycling IBM Power Systems & Mainframes

We want your old IBM Power Systems and mainframes.
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Lower total cost of ownership by at least 60%

How TCO is being slashed by a move from x86 to IBM Power

The central tenet is that with fewer servers and cores, your hardware costs are much lower. This does not mean making a sacrifice in performance. IBM’s Power architecture is optimised for seriously heavy workloads, with more threads per core; more memory bandwidth; more cache and a higher clock frequency when compared to x86. Lower software...
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cropped CIO challenges

CIO Challenges when running IBM Power alongside Windows & Linux

CIO’s in businesses across the UK and further afield are having new business challenges thrown at them from all sides every day. Sometimes the challenges may come from the Board, or Line of Business Managers pushing for their IT department to leverage cloud technologies. Other times outside forces such as regulation or security threats such...
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