Backup and Recovery
reasons for backup and recovery

Everything you need to know for a successful backup and disaster recovery strategy

Many businesses across the UK do not test their backup and disaster recovery procedures. They assume that because they pay for it, it will work. Sadly, they are usually wrong. I will cover the reasons why backups are important, why failing to prepare means you are preparing to fail, and most importantly, why it is...
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Case Study: Reducing cost while improving efficiency and operations for a state-owned bank

If you would like to read our case study on how we provide a fully managed IT infrastructure for a well-known bank, provide your details below.
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FalconStor StorSafe

The data backup challenge is daunting – but the solution is clear

Businesses need to back up more, much more, data than they did in the past. They have to do it more quickly, at a lower cost and they have to keep it for far longer. And in the interests of sleeping at night, it’s best to know that using a proven backup and disaster recovery...
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IT managed services case study

Case Study: Delivering stability, scalability and speed to a regulated financial services provider

If you would like to read our case study on how we provide a fully managed IT infrastructure for an international financial service provider, provide your details below.
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ProtecTIER end of life support

Where to look for ProtecTIER end of life support?

Yet another headache in the wonderful world of IT. For several years, major corporates – at least 500 to our knowledge – have been trusting their virtual back-up and restore methodologies on IBM’s ProtecTIER family of products. It did a fantastic job. As we come to the close of 2020, we’ve hit the ‘end of life’ phase for this product.  Where does a...
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disaster recovery

Do your backup and DR facilities fit your needs?

Back up and Disaster Recovery (DR). Some very simple concepts that businesses have always needed and always will need. However, the ‘how’ is changing rapidly as technology surges forward in an uptrend pointing up at the clouds; pun intended. Can you answer these backup and DR questions comfortably? How long could your business go if...
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PDF: Are you on top of your data protection?

Infographic: Are you on top of your data protection?

Please click on the graphic below to view the full PDF
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Managing IT infrastructure in a nationwide lockdown

Managing IT infrastructure in a nationwide lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown some huge challenges for businesses, particularly in retail. Thankfully, Blue Chip’s investment in its Tier IV by design data centre has meant seamless delivery of IT services to companies around the world.
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magnetic tape IBM i

Are you using pandemic-prone 1956 technology in your IBM i environment?

Heartbreak Hotel was released the same year as magnetic tape was first used to store data.
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disaster recovery plan

What are the benefits of a disaster recovery plan?

A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan documents the procedure to protect and recover a company’s critical IT infrastructure in an event of a disaster. That could be any unforeseen event which put an organisation’s operations at risk. These include, but are not limited to: Power outagesHardware failuresFireCyber attacksEarthquakesStorage failuresFloodingApplication crashesComputer viruses In the aftermath of a...
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