Save money storing your data utilising IBM storage

Save money with IBM storage

At Blue Chip, we’re seeing an increase in organisations looking for IBM storage infrastructure that will enable them to be more efficient and integrative, with room to scale.

“The cost is key,” says Lee McEvoy, Storage Sales Specialist at IBM, “but it’s not the only driver anymore. Storage has moved on to accommodate changing needs.”

“However, investment protection is still absolutely critical.”

Lee explains that his customers want to be able to leverage the latest and greatest technology when it comes to storage media. They also want to be able to unlock integrations and different capabilities that just aren’t possible when using a memory drive.

Alex Goodson, the UKI Systems Storage CTO at IBM, recognises that nowadays, “it’s all about the cloud”.

In July 2019, IBM invested $34 billion in Red Hat, the multinational software company that provides open source software products to enterprises.

“You know, the move was a very safe bet,” says Alex. “We bought Red Hat specifically for OpenShift and for its containerisation platform; we fully believe that the hybrid multi-cloud approach is the future.”

Multi-cloud enables organisations to run workloads across multiple areas with a common set of SLAs. Many customers like having the ability to experience on-premise and cloud storage combined, because it makes cost-effective innovation and automation possible.

Justifying your storage spend

A large proportion of customers requiring ‘normal’ storage capacity used to think that flash was far too expensive., then Blue Chip started to provide it in a tiered way and attitudes started to shift.

“We started using data reduction technologies,” adds Lee. Customers who use IBM storage are now able save space and store more data in flash drives.

“Effectively, this has enabled us to get the cost-effective terabyte to a level at which customers were able to justify their spend. But as my level physics teacher once told me in proper Yorkshire speak: ‘You don’t get out for nowt!’ If you are giving up something, you’re taking time to potentially compress and duplicate data which adds latency and potentially reduces performance.”

“I love being able to talk about flash cool modules, which are unique to IBM. Effectively, you get to have your cake and eat it because we can provide a decent cost per terabyte without compromising performance.”

Unmatched performance

Blue Chip recently migrated an organisation from a legacy system to the latest IBM Flash System using FlashCore modules.

Without changing the software, licensing or servers, they achieved a four-and-a-half times reduction in the amount of time it took their customers’ key workloads to complete. This meant the customer could get more done and didn’t have to upgrade its servers and patented software licences to get the outcome that they wanted.

According to Lee and Alex, these migrations aren’t uncommon.

Being event-ready

Utilising IBM storage also helps organisations be prepared in the face of threats such as cyberattacks and data breaches.

“We all know now that it’s not a case of if, it’s a case of when,” says Alex. “You need to be ready in terms of being able to recognise – quickly – that you’ve been breached and be able to deal with it. The fact is the average amount of time it takes before a business realises that it’s actually been hit is 106 days.”

“We can make you event-ready with our software-defined storage tools that allow you to very quickly go back, find that good piece of data and recover rapidly.”

Being reactive

It’s much easier to be reactive through software as opposed to hardware. IBM is a leader in this space.

“The virtualisation software that we’ve been evolving over the last 13 years means that any client could have that hybrid Cloud journey regardless of their on-premise infrastructure. How? Because we can virtualise what they have and we can apply through our capabilities through software, both for on-premise architecture and within the cloud. We’re currently managing eight million terabytes globally.”

Blue Chip customers are often amazed when they find out about the performance level they can gain access to, through IBM storage, without compromising on price.

IBM also has a model for purchasing equipment that recognises what the customer needs to be event-ready, whether its additional capacity on-site or otherwise.

At the end of the day, where an organisation’s data is stored and how it’s both protected and secured is of the utmost importance, not just for the organisation itself but for the sake of its customers.

Our expertise in IBM storage is underpinned by our 24/7 management of the hardware. We currently host 14 petabytes for customers in our Software-Defined Data Centres. This gives us plenty of insights into the challenges our customers face and how to overcome them. When we supply storage, we not only advise the customer before the sale, but we will deliver, configure, and help run it optimally through its storage life.   

Get in touch to find out how you can save money while gaining huge advantages for your IT infrastructure.


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