Sales Development Manager

Career opportunity

Department: Sales
Location: Bedford
Reporting to: UK New Business Sales Director
Responsible for: Sales Development Representatives

Job summary

The Sales Development Manager is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the Sales Development team. The role is accountable for achieving monthly and annual goals. They provide training to Sales Development Representatives while ensuring that the team is providing exceptional customer service.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead and Develop the Sales Development Team

  • Lead and develop Sales Development Representatives to support sales strategies that align with Blue Chip Four Core Objectives.
  • Develop Sales Development Representatives to be independent and help them achieve their goals. Discover how each individual contributes to the team and bring that talent or skill out to its highest potential. Assist in developing a cohesive team environment where everyone is working toward a common goal.
  • Track and analyse metrics to ensure that department goals are being met, including conversion goals and revenue goals.
  • Drive improvements in the prospecting and outreach processes to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the team.
  • Create an environment that promotes the Blue Chip culture; mentor and coach individual Sales Development Representatives to reinforce the skills, knowledge and attitude required to achieve exceptional results.
  • Train and Develop: Drive the onboarding process for all new Sales Development Representatives to ensure they are using tools and systems properly; lead and/or co-lead trainings such as objections, sales process, and biweekly professional development; evaluate processes and training routinely to ensure they meet the current needs of the team. Provide solutions and improve processes when identified.
  • Identify and evaluate new approaches for overcoming objections and converting prospects to ensure individuals are utilizing effective methods.
  • Coach through the documentation process of sales activity and associated outcomes to track success from initiation to completion.
  • Oversee the partnership between Senior Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives to ensure collaborative relationship to set the stage for a successful business meeting and offer the customer a seamless experience. Encourage engagement in discussions on best practices in a market and execution of various campaign strategies.

Prospecting & Outreach Management

  • Oversee the departmental focus and initiative on outbound prospecting through several resources of outreach to create opportunities and schedule meetings with qualified leads for Senior Account Executives in various assigned regions.
  • Coach Sales Development Representatives through department provided established guidelines to overcome objections and convert targeted companies into prospects; build productive activity habits to influence profitable results; monitor dashboards and mindful of qualitative and quantitative efforts to ensure focus is on lucrative results; strategise outreach activities using investigatory research methods.
  • Promote and coach the effective and professional use of company provided cutting edge technology to competitively reach potential revenues that ordinary initiatives would not.
  • Coach on handling difficult conversations with prospects to deescalate any potential issues and be mindful of company reputation; escalate as necessary.
  • Practice continuous process improvement efforts by recognising and initiating change where success will be positively impacted.
  • Achieve or exceed daily, weekly and monthly goals by exhibiting diligent habits to drive results; Consistently meet expectations and objectives set forth by the Blue Chip Sales Management Team.

Partner & Collaborate

  • Oversee the departmental focus and initiative on outbound prospecting through several resources of outreach to create opportunities and schedule meetings with qualified leads for Senior Account Executives in various assigned regions.
  • Develop and build relationships externally and internally by practicing effective communication skills to build a successful network.
  • Assist SDRs in bridging the gap between the Senior Account Executive and marketing initiatives by driving follow up efforts on active campaigns.
  • Partner with Marketing Operations on territory & zoning for each region, ensure appropriate staffing and communicate expectations of those involved; partner with Marketing to develop necessary content for all outbound campaigns and any Demand Generation efforts.
  • Partner with FTO to ensure Sales Development Playbook is updated, mirroring current processes and training needs.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with other departments to support a culture of cross functional communication and consistency.

Documentation & Communication

  • Continuously ensure timely documentation of all outreach initiatives and outcomes in the CRM to support full communication and knowledge sharing across the business.
  • Become knowledgeable across all CRM systems and interfaces to understand the communication between systems and support efficient business practices.
  • Ensure departmental communication is dispersed as best as possible by utilizing key times to delegate informative company happenings, i.e. huddles.
  • To understand and fulfil the responsibilities for secure management of personal data of both internal and external customers in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Key Personal Requirements

  • Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:
  • Education: Degree in Business/Sales/Marketing or related work experience
  • Experience: 2-3 years of experience in a business, sales or marketing related position preferred
  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce, Connect And Sell Competencies
  • Strong organisational and decision making skills
  • Ability to delegate, and act resourcefully
  • Strong oral communication skills
  • Ability to act assertively and coach constructively

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