Reasons for outsourcing IT in 2012

reasons for outsourcing IT

When reading Computer Weekly this week (Aug 28 – Sep 3 edition), I came across an interesting survey. The survey was being carried out to ascertain why businesses outsource their IT and asked the question to over 200 IT professionals.

The results show that there are some clear changes in emphasis over the 3 years researched by KPMG, which indicates that historically the majority of businesses who outsource IT have been influenced by cost savings (83% in 2010, and 81% in 2009), but this year that number has dropped significantly (70%). This has been mimicked by the Financial flexibility statistic, having jumped in importance to 41% in 2010, but then decreasing this year to just 28%.

We at Blue Chip can relate to the changes shown in the chart, with many clients looking for an outsourcing solution that they feel confident and comfortable with. IT is critical to almost every organisation, with clients now wanting to know that their systems are in the best hands, in the best facilities, with a supplier who is driven to improve year on year.

Cost saving is still a major factor when making a decision on IT outsourcing, however it may no longer be the deciding one!


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