Properly Unified Monitoring Means Everyone Sings the Same Tune

properly unified monitoring

I noticed an article the other day in serverwatch that kind of verified something that we in Itheon have always known. The best way to make sure your server monitoring software doesn’t become a job in itself is to use a vendor that has designed, built, coded and created all its own software.

At Itheon this is why we made the conscious decision and never took the shortcut. We never procured or bought anyone else’s software and called it our own. We at Itheon went the extra mile and all of our monitoring whether it be for Unix, Windows, VMS, iSeries® or Linux , is designed to “talk” to each other from the word go!  

That’s because we made them ourselves, our unified solution has been designed from the ground up to actually act in unified fashion from day one. For our customers this means far lower overheads both in the short and long term. Short term gains in rapid deployment times, longer term gains in management times, training and configuration.

Any Framework means that you have the pleasure of tying together a lose affiliation of procured software solutions. Each one slightly different, each one has a slightly different “view”, each one tackles problems in a slightly different way. This makes it very hard for you and your team to try and deliver a consolidated, unified view,  that adheres to a common standard across all platforms. To do this you need to understand and overcome the foibles of each silo solution. Each one marches to a slightly different tune.

To carry on with the musical analogy each member of the orchestra is playing a slightly different way from everyone else. If you go that route welcome to your new job, conductor of an unruly band.


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