Power monitoring at Blue Chip

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While it is possible to monitor every aspect of our Servers operating systemperformance or hardware, monitoring of the Servers external environment is not always quite so easy.

With the cost of power consumption becoming an increasing proportion of the cost of running a Server, Blue Chip wanted to have detailed power consumption data available for immediate analysis.

The need is two-fold, firstly the Finance department are able to apportion power costs to individual customers and bill accordingly, secondly the Facilities department can ensure that adequate power resilience is available.

The Monitoring Tool
Blue Chip System Management Service use Itheon’s iAM:Servers monitoring tool reporting to an iAM:Appliance web based management console, which displays headline information about monitored devices,  alerts from the monitoring tool, usage graphs and mails monthly usage reports to specific departments.

The Technical Detail:
The power monitoring is possible because each rack in our data centre has been fitted with two or more intelligent Eaton Power Distribution Units. As well as having a digital display of the power usage for a quick visual check, the PDUs have a web front end and an SNMP agent.

The iAM:Servers monitoring tool runs customised rules which query the SNMP agent on a regular scheduled basis and records the power usage into a performance database for reporting and graphing, as well as testing the usage against thresholds, which will generate on screen and e-mail alerts, if exceeded.

Other environmental data, such as temperature and humidity is monitored in exactly the same way using SNMP capable monitoring devices.

Not only does this solution allow our Management to be confident that we can host our customers Servers with flexible pricing depending on power consumption and our Technicians to be confident that any PDU failure can be tolerated with zero impact, there are other not so tangible benefits.

The ability to present this type of information clearly to our customers on a planned and sometimes adhoc basis is invaluable in demonstrating that their Servers are in the safest hands.


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