The phone call to keep your IBM Power system up to date

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20 Jun 2019
The phone call to keep your IBM Power system up to date

It’s an industry-accepted fact that Blue Chip provides the best IBM Power hardware maintenance services that money can buy, a fact built on the reputation for delivering quality for over 30 years.

For many years, Blue Chip has also provided an operating system telephone support service, aimed primarily at legacy operating systems, still much used and beloved by its many subscribers, leaving the support of current versions to IBM.

However, with the announcement of our On-Call Advanced OS Technical Support service, all that has changed. As the final piece of the jigsaw, with the inclusion of current versions in the service, Blue Chip can provide everything your IBM Power machine needs now, and for many years into the future, at an effective and transparent cost.

With IBM’s end-of-support machines in mind, On-Call Advanced OS Technical Support is the premier support service for IBM Power operating systems, be it AIX or i5/OS. Delivered by Blue Chip’s team of IBM Power specialists, with a collective experience in all things AIX and i5/OS related that spans over 300 years. This team works with a diverse set of customers, using the oldest versions of operating systems right up to the very latest versions, and all with very different requirements. We can say with confidence that there is nothing AIX or i5/OS related the team have not seen before or cannot help you with.

To conclude, if you want to extend the life of your capable end-of-support IBM Power machines and have operating systems kept up to date and running at peak performance, then Blue Chip should be your first choice. Speak to us right now.

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This article was written by Will Nicholls. Will is one of two Client Directors that specialise in catering for the needs of Blue Chip's Business Partner community. His particular strengths are in iSeries, pSeries & associated storage devices with an emphasis on formulating hardware maintenance solutions suited to our Business Partners requirements. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Will has a wealth of knowledge of the IT sector & is familiar with most things IT related. He's also a rather smug Bradford City fan.

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