Out with IBM i Client Access, in with Access Client Solutions

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26 Jun 2019
Out with IBM i Client Access, in with Access Client Solutions

IBM made Client Access end of life back on 30th April. The Client Access product has been around for many years but has not been refreshed beyond the V7R1 version.

The official ‘end of support’ doesn't mean the Client Access software will stop working. However, it does mean IBM no longer provide any software support, which also means any form of extended support is unavailable.

If you continue to use IBM Client Access, I would recommend you have installed the latest service pack to minimise any software related issues. The Client Access software was never supported by IBM on Windows versions above 8.1.

IBM has developed a replacement product called Access Client Solutions (ACS). The product is undergoing continued development, with updated versions being released at six-month intervals. ACS is a Java based application which can run on Windows, Linux or Apple Mac platforms. The latest version of the software is and I also recommend being up to date with Java.

The ACS application works in tandem with IBM Navigator for i, which is the web console interface used for IBM i system administration.

As seen in the screenshots here, the look and feel of Access Client Solutions is very different from the old Client Access solution. IBM Navigator for i is independent of ACS, but they link together using the HTTP administration server.

As always, being current with cumulative and group PTFs is recommended to minimise any potential issues and deployment mechanism for new functionality.

Screenshot of IBM i Access Client Solutions

Second screenshot of IBM i Access Client Solutions

If you need help with or advice with IBM’s Access Client Solutions, contact Blue Chip. We’re here to help your business grow.

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This article was written by Michael Jenkinson.

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