Lenovo server maintenance

We’ve always been keen to look after everything within the four walls of a data centre, so we’re proud to announce our latest accolade, becoming a Lenovo Authorised Service Partner.

This is more than just a vendor giving us a thumbs up and a shiny new badge, our engineers are now certified to complete warranty repairs on Lenovo servers and storage equipment. This approval for our world-class hardware maintenance covers all users of this technology, not just our own customers.

It’s a mark of pride for us. Lenovo is a market leader across many countries for x86 servers and has a high reputation for reliability in the fast-moving x86 space.

Why we’re approved for Lenovo server support and repairs

It’s no easy feat to become a Lenovo Authorised Service Partner. It’s taken several months for our field-based engineers, technical support and workshop staff to undertake Lenovo’s authorised training program.

The result means that Blue Chip is now certified to complete warranty work on behalf of Lenovo. This is in addition to being a Lenovo Gold Data Centre Partner.

Replacement parts are provided directly from Lenovo to our customer premises, after undergoing an initial technical triage by Blue Chip’s Technical Support team.

The aptitude of Blue Chip’s staff has been recognised, which also means we’re engaged as an installation partner to complete physical installations at customer sites, supported by Lenovo’s technical teams.

Supporting Lenovo servers and storage

Here’s a list of what we can do for you as an authorised partner:

  • Response and repair – from next business day to 4 hours, depending on class of warranty.
  • Parts install – CRUs and FRUs installed by on-site technicians (excepting base warranty, where CRUs are only shipped).
  • 1 or 3 year warranty coverage – can be extended up to 5 years for Foundation, Essential and Advanced Lenovo warranties.
  • YourDrive YourData addons – available to those on Essential and Advanced Lenovo Warranties.
  • Enterprise Software Support – for Foundation, Essential and Advanced Lenovo warranties.
  • Hardware installation – for Foundation, Essential and Advanced Lenovo warranties.

Your one and only call for multivendor maintenance

We’ve been flexing our ‘multivendor muscle’ here at Blue Chip over the past few years, expanding our IT support coverage to cover many vendors. While we’re known as a renowned specialist in supporting IBM hardware both old and new, we’ve been expanding our skillset to cover many other names that provide IT infrastructure.

Here are a few vendor names you’ll recognise:

  • Cisco
  • Dell/EMC
  • HPe
  • NetApp
  • Juniper Networks

Since being acquired by America’s leading hardware maintenance specialist Service Express earlier this year, our IT support capabilities have exponentially increased.

Check out the full list of brands and models we cover across servers, storage, network and software. Don’t hesitate to call us with any queries you have on support for your IT estate.


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