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05 Jul 2019
Our IBM mainframe and Power System recycling program

As the country’s leader in green IT, we’re looking to buy old IBM mainframes and IBM Power systems in the UK, to recycle parts ready for IBM and other third-party maintenance providers around the world.

For those with an old mainframe or Power system no longer in use or an upgrade schedule that’s likely to decommission existing systems, Blue Chip will usually buy your old system or potentially part exchange your system against a newer model, saving you thousands of pounds.

Not only does recycling your old IBM equipment make financial sense, you will be helping reduce global output of CO2. It’s estimated that the manufacturing process of a new IBM mainframe produces 35 tons of CO2 which would take 120,000 trees to absorb.

Please contact Bill Everingham for more details.

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This article was written by Lee Bailey. With 20+ years sales and management experience in the Data Centre IT industry, Lee has vast experience delivering cloud and IaaS solutions.

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