Open Source Application Modernisation for IBM i – Is there a Market?

IBM i modernisation tool

Today I met with an ISV partner, between us we support a number of mutual customers and beyond that they have thousands of users of their application. They have for some time now been working on a modernisation tool for the core of their application based on IBM i. The plan is to roll this out to all their end users and deliver as part of the application for years to come. Good news for the IBM i platform and good news for the end users, as they will get additional functionality, not just the simple screen scraping in other modernisation products before.

I have seen a demo and it delivers beautiful results, converting green screen to something tangible and ultimately more feature rich than the source.

The conversation then moved to beyond our existing customer base and the many other IBM i system users. What is the appetite for modernisation? I have seen lots of products out there that will deliver similar modernisation, but who is in the market?

So what’s new & why?

Our partner wants to take a different approach to bringing this to market, delivering it open source. Giving IBM i users access to the source code and putting them in control of their destiny. Crucially, as our partner will be delivering this as part of their application deployment, they will keep up the development and support, making that available for anyone using the code.

So back to the question – Is there a market?

Update 15:03 1/12/14

Here are before and after screen shots of the application – a huge jump forwards, I’m sure you’ll agree


Open source IBM i


Option 1

Option 1 IBM i open source

Option 2

Option 2 IBM i open source


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