Nampak Plastics Europe Ltd right-sizes Oracle JD Edwards on an IBM i Cloud

Nampak Plastics

The beauty of an IBM i Cloud is the ability to right-size compute power in line with business.

Nampak Plastics, the UK’s leading plastic milk bottle manufacturer first signed up for the JD Edwards IBM i Cloud back in 2012 and at that time they were running a legacy version of JD Edwards. Prior to migrating into the Cloud, Nampak were running OS400 5.4 on an old Power 5 550 and because at that time they could not upgrade to 6.1 the underlying hardware had to be Power 6, which enabled them to remain on 5.4 whilst dropping software bands, increasing processing capacity and giving Nampak the ability to upgrade at a later date.

In 2013 they were an early adopter of new latest version of JD Edwards (v9.1) and at the same time upgraded to 6.1 of the operating system.

Nampak Plastic’s application provider recommended a significant jump in CPW, as a precaution to ensure the business experienced excellent performance. Post upgrade, it was agreed to over provision CPW by 100% and then to right size / adjust the CPW down over a 6 month period.

Roll forward to 2014, with post upgrade and business product launch statistics, we have been able to adjust CPW. As David Conn Head of IT explains “it was great that we were able to jump from 6,000 to 20,000 CPW and now settle on 12,000 CPW. Blue Chip also took us onto IBM Power 7+ technology for production. We next plan to migrate our test/UAT LPAR from the production system and primary data centre, across onto the same host IBM i as our Quick EDD high availability LPAR, allowing us to dynamically move CPW and memory resource between HA and test. Running on Blue Chip’s IBM i Cloud has provided us with great flexibility and value”

About Nampak Plastics Europe Ltd:

Nampak Plastics are leaders in the manufacture of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles for the food and drink industry. 

We are committed to being at the forefront in packaging innovation and currently produce the lightest weight HDPE milk bottle in the UK dairy market. We recently launched Infini®, an innovative new design ultra-light weight bottle which offers an average 16% weight saving across the range with specific bottle sizes achieving savings of up to 25%. Visit Infini bottle to find out more. 

We maintain our edge on leading the HDPE packaging market through the inclusion of recycled HDPE into our HDPE plastic containers. Known as rHDPE, all of our bottles now contains up to 20% rHDPE. Visit Bottle2Bottle for more information on recycled HDPE.


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