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Multivendor hardware maintenance under a single contract with Blue Chip
15 Mar 2019
Multivendor made simple

As I write this, thousands of engineers and IT managers across a multitude of UK-based data centres are encountering system problems and corporate demands to keep them busy throughout the coming days, weeks and months.

Some of these issues lie in capacity planning as the company expands or the services they deliver are improved or implemented. There’s also performance management to look over, ensuring that enough power and cooling is applied, real time alerting and responding to daily recurring system problems. You can see why the hours within a day simply dissolve for the people involved.

In these cases, the last thing on any manager or department head’s mind is to worry about the countless contracts they have in place to maintain their critical infrastructure.

Blue Chip remove that worry. We offer an all-encompassing contract, which gives peace of mind and provides our customers with 24/7 support, quick and accurate fixes and parts replacement.

We’ve invested heavily in recruiting, training and partnering with some of the leading vendors and consultants within the industry.

We provide hardware maintenance and support contracts which support environments with a host of different systems, including IBM, HP, Dell/EMC, Lenovo, Sun, NetApp and Cisco.

This means that our customers can solve calls in a single call.

At Blue Chip, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service to our clients. With over three decades of service, we are confident in being able to simplify and save you time by consolidating contracts and bringing down the cost of maintaining your systems. Contact Blue Chip to give your business a superb advantage.

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This article was written by Liam O'Callaghan.

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