Monitoring virtualised servers under one umbrella

virtualised server monitoring

The good thing about virtualisation is that you have many machines on one (or at least far fewer) machines. However the bad thing about virtualisation is the very same thing with a single machine or clustered machines sharing resources.

Now imagine your Guests and Host interact and one poorly configured guest or rogue application causes an impact far and wide within your organisation, potentially loosing the ability function at optimum efficiency. When troubles strike you need the status of both guest and host to be able to understand where the hot-spot is. Is it the host needing to be given more memory, more CPU, Page file, hardware upgrade?

Or is this simply one guest that is now consuming far too much of the pie to itself.

The only way to be able to spot this is via all of the API’s available to your VMware estate. SNMP, SDK, Tools etc all of these can and will tell you different things to enable you to pin down where the problem lies.

The problem with this approach is that having three silos to monitor one thing is arduous. What is required is a unified approach that brings together all of the API’s available on to one easy to read screen.

Also you need to be able to understand what impact this is having on your business processes and the other non virtualised servers.

You need a complete picture to make the right decision first time

This approach speeds response, takes in all of the information available and means that your teams are now making educated decisions based on all the available information.

Blue Chip Systems management Services delivers the gold standard in Virtual Monitoring and much more besides. All of your servers virtual and real under on umbrella with the hardware, VMware, guest and host all clearly understood in one easy to easy to understand place.

Relationships clearly displayed, hardware repaired, replaced upgraded. Service delivery and impact understood. Resources displayed, applications and response times at your fingertips.

All this with automated responses and alerts in the language your teams understand.


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