Merret Retail Cloud Receives Black Friday Boost

Business Systems Manager from Harvey Nichols

Merret Cloud customers received an early Christmas present with a 4 day 100% processing boost covering Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

It was 26th November and over an early Christmas gathering of customers I met with the Business Systems Manager from Harvey Nichols who explained how their adoption of new technology is now able to support their continued growth and provide agile increases in compute capacity. Harvey Nichols use a core enterprise software application called Merret which is owned by independent retailing IT solutions provider Retail Assist.

Visionary Cloud Adoption
2 Years ago HN’s were running an early version of Merret on legacy IBM AS/400 hardware in a data centre and were not able to leverage all the new functionality available in later versions of Merret designed for the modern retailer now dependent upon both stores and e-commerce sales.

At the time the HN’s IT Management were visionary because instead of simply upgrading the core Merret application and hardware they also became the first Retail Assist client to adopt new Cloud based technology  solution jointly provided between Retail Assist and IBM Cloud specialist Blue Chip.

At the time the solution provided an immediate upgrade in processing capacity and added resiliency with high availability.
More recently Harvey Nichols were able to take advantage of new superfast IBM Flash storage which increased the speed of their complex number crunching overnight batch processing by over 7 times having a significant impact on productivity of backend distribution.

Black Friday Boost
It’s only in recent times Black Friday has become a major event in the British retailing calendar.

However in preparation for this Years event Harvey Nichols and other Merret Cloud all received the benefit of 100% of extra processing capacity provided by Blue Chip’s IBM Cloud POWER Cloud technology. This allowed the Harvey Nichols business to take advantage of extra sales without their systems or business becoming overwhelmed like so many other retailers.

This blog was written by Lee Bailey an IT Cloud evangelist with over 20 Years industry experience. If you are any questions or would like to find out if your business could receive similar benefits please feel free to contract Lee directly


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