Maximise your uptime with BPM

maximising uptime

If you’re an IT professional, you’ll probably have noticed that your remit is becoming more varied as technology advances. But as responsibilities are added to your to-do list – like exploring how AI could benefit your business, for example – ensuring the availability of your critical systems remains paramount.

For many, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance these competing demands – it’s difficult to concentrate on a task when you’re constantly being alerted to new issues that are arising within different areas of your system. That’s why more businesses are adopting Business Process Monitoring (BPM) software, which works holistically to monitor your business process performance and overall system health and prioritises fixes according to urgency.

If you’re considering implementing BPM within your business, you should look for a solution that can…

Provide speedy issue resolution

While a good BPM solution should be able to make small fixes for you, it will need to flag those that require your attention. In order to ensure your time is spent as efficiently as possible, you’ll want to find a solution that can effectively prioritise fixes.

When you’re trusting a BPM solution to keep your business running, you need to know that any small fixes will be managed quickly, to prevent downtime. To reduce the time that your IT team spends on evaluation, find a BPM solution that can also prioritise activity intelligently, based on business criticality. This should help you to avoid alert overload, while ensuring that larger issues are brought to your attention in a timely manner.

Understand your systems

Your business is unique, and the systems that underpin your day-to-day operations will be individual to your business. That’s why you need a BPM solution that will understand how all the assets in your software, hardware, infrastructure and external dependencies work together to keep your business running.

It’s vital for BPM software to have the ability to see and understand the complex relationships between your diverse range of applications, as any disruption within your stack can lead to downtime for your business. The days of standalone server metric monitoring are gone – when you’re responsible for maintaining your business’s critical infrastructure you need to have a full view of your business processes, not just abstract metrics like CPU and disk space. A good BPM solution will also give you insight into how each element is performing, and how they are affecting the delivery of your company’s products and processes.

Prioritise issues effectively

When you’re constantly checking the performance of your critical systems and dealing with ongoing issues throughout your IT infrastructure, it can be hard to find the time to focus on more strategic tasks. If you can rely on a BPM solution to analyse and resolve small issues for you, you should find that you’re free to tackle those bigger projects.

To have peace of mind that your critical systems are in safe hands, you need a BPM solution that will monitor your hardware, database health, server performance and available space. A solution that can pre-empt system problems and repair underlying faults with no need for input from a third party could free up your IT team’s time significantly.

Work across platforms

A key benefit of a BPM solution is that it removes the need for multiple monitoring systems, so you should look for a solution that will give you a total view of your system’s health and can work with all of the platforms you use.

If your BPM software is designed to work holistically across your business, you should be able to easily view the performance of every element in your system. Look for a solution that can also correlate data from multiple sources, making it easy for you to understand and utilise the data you collect.

BPM with Blue Chip

At Blue Chip, we’ve helped many of our customers to benefit from faster and more reliable business processes with our Itheon Business Process Monitoring software. Itheon is a holistic BPM solution that will check your entire infrastructure every two minutes, prioritising any issues that arise in order to maximise your uptime. It’s also a multi-platform solution, so whether you’re using IBMi, Windows, Unix, Linux or VMS, Itheon can help.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Itheon could help your IT team, give us a call on 01234 224400 or email


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