Mainframe upgrades with 85% discount

Mainframe upgrades

Blue Chip has a strong reputation in providing quality refurbished data centre hardware, along with unparalleled technical expertise in supporting such equipment.

We have a global network of suppliers providing us with nearly-new IBM mainframes, such as z13s and DS8870 storage arrays. Our unique position means we can provide you with upgrades with typical savings of around 85% on IBM z13 mainframes and 50% on ongoing maintenance servicing.

Buying a machine with an age between 18 months to 3 years makes perfect business sense. Not only will your financial director appreciate the savings, he or she can buy it with 30 days credit or lease it to spread the cost over 3 or 5 years.

Each refurbished mainframe comes with…

  • A full test report
  • Latest firmware fixes
  • 3-year 24×7 warranty from IBM or Blue Chip

Blue Chip will also recycle the parts in your old mainframe, reducing your company’s impact on the environment (reducing the equivalent CO2 absorbed by more than 10,000 trees).

Please contact Bill Everingham today to book a no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.


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