Looking into the ‘four walls of data centre maintenance’

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Blue Chip Blog
20 Jun 2019
Looking into the ‘four walls of data centre maintenance’

Google outage! A leader in its field encounters serious downtime due to a configuration issue in their data centre, affecting millions of internet users just last week.

You may have read in recent reports that Google’s outage was caused by a configuration change which affected more servers than intended. Google’s engineering teams detected the issue within seconds, but diagnosis and correction took far longer than their target time, impacting the likes of YouTube, Gmail and Snapchat.

This is an example of just how vulnerable companies still are, to what is perceived as simple changes in a data centre.

You may be asking yourself if you have the necessary support in place that you can turn to.

Outside of this headline grabber, you can see why data centre managers have sleepless nights pondering these “what if” situations.

  • What if we encounter an issue on this system?
  • Is it adequately covered to ensure quick fixes and limit downtime?
  • What if we don’t address the spiralling third-party contracts we have in place, as it’s becoming a cost issue to senior management and difficult for engineers to determine who is supporting what from a third-party basis?

We at Blue Chip understand these concerns and have built up a company that has invested heavily in recruiting specialist engineers with backgrounds in IBM, HP, Dell and Lenovo storage systems.

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This article was written by Liam O'Callaghan.

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