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Third party maintenance on IBM Power Systems

Blue Chip Cloud specialises in the full IBM Power spectrum

When it comes to IBM Power, we know every system – both new and legacy – inside out. In fact, our in-house team of experts have been selling, maintaining and running IBM systems since 1987, around the time IBM received the Nobel Prize for physics for their discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in a new class of materials.

“Our immersion in IBM Power enables us to look at projects from the point of view of an end user as well as a specialist managed service provider,” says Matthew Bailey.  “We’re unique in that way: as far as I know we’re the only UK provider to own, run, maintain, recover, and sell IBM Power Systems.”

Blue Chip is an IBM Platinum Business Partner, and we provide maintenance on 43% of the UK install base of IBM Power Systems. Our unparalleled level of experience allows us to offer a truly personalised service to all customers, regardless of their IBM Power System. As cheesy as it sounds, the word ‘can’t’ just isn’t part of our vernacular.

“No matter how the customer wants to consume their IBM system, we can help them consume it in the way they want,” says Matthew. “If they want to buy a system and run it on their own site instead of our own, we can facilitate that.”

“We take every customer as part of a bespoke solution,” explains Blue Chip’s Enterprise Architect, Darren Smith. “We look at how their current IBM Power System is set up and design a new solution specifically for them without forcing them down a specific route. For those moving their infrastructure to our data centre, our aim is to ensure their IT is in a better state than it was on-premise.

“We can take them across ‘as is’ and give them the ability to make their IT work in a much better way by taking advantage of new technologies and systems.”

Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

We wouldn’t be able to facilitate every IBM Power System the way we do, without our Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). Essentially, our SDDC enables us to virtualise each customer’s cloud computing services or legacy applications and infrastructure and deliver it as a service. These systems are managed by automation, reducing the need for human interaction.

“For customers whose systems aren’t software defined when they come to us, we can create templates of their entire environment that allow us to make identical copies of their infrastructure and run small or complete test environments,” says Darren.

In terms of automation, we use the enterprise monitoring software Itheon. Like Blue Chip, Itheon has been operating since 1987 and we bought the solution in 2005. It’s the most powerful IBM Power monitoring tool on the market today and enables our team to automate tasks and perform bespoke monitoring for each customer to optimise productivity and ensure optimal uptime – including during busy periods.

“Everything in our data centre is automated, eliminating the need for human interaction,” confirms Darren.  “We upload scripts that we can run multiple times and use automation engines to deploy the infrastructure and the network.

“We’re not reimagining the wheel every time we deploy something for a customer but taking standard building blocks we’ve already created and tailoring the quantity and specification to what the customer needs. But underneath it all is the same piece of infrastructure code we’ve run for every other customer.”

Our use of automation has proven critical for keeping our customers’ IBM Power Systems running remotely during the global pandemic.

To find out more about how we can transition, manage and maintain your IBM system in the Blue Chip Cloud, get in touch with our team today.


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