Knowledge is power – look after it

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 read an amazing statistic this week; 90% of all information ever created was produced in the last two years alone. We create quintillions of terabytes of data each day, and the more we know the more we want to know. Some of the main areas of data growth are in social media, the new intelligence of websites in gathering information about how, what, where, why and when we buy. Banks and building societies, credit checking, data mining tools the list of reasons why this amazing growth is occurring is actually endless.

The main reason is that business has realised how valuable this information is in understanding your market, your customers, about how to grow and when. Each team within your business now shares more and more information between themselves. The economy now is global, your markets are global even if you’re just trading an item on eBay, you’re selling to the world.

This isn’t a new idea. Sir Francis Bacon in 1597 said that “information is power” in his work that formed the basis of the scientific revolution of that time.

In this modern age it’s about access to information, bringing it to where it needs to be when it needs to be. Your competition never sleeps, your market is global, the image you create defined by it.

Ninety percent of your business critical processes and 99% of your companies’ information is stored within it.

Therefore the phrase “IT and the business” should no longer be a phrase that any of us should use. It’s just “the business” as neither exists without the other. Neither survives without the other, both suffer.

With all of the evidence laid out about how much your company relies on the information stored within IT, it amazes me how many people rely on hand written scripts, freeware and people to keep their IT working in the long term. Freeware and open source tools both cost in the extended creation and deployment, but also in the poor service they deliver. For some reason only in IT do people think they can buy cheap and get gold standard?

This isn’t true in any walk of life!
In reality as in all things, buying cheap is, like buying cheap insurance, great until it comes time to pay out.

Here at Blue Chip our Itheon solution is the product of over 1000 man year’s development by industry experts. It covers every aspect of every platform and every application on your company. It stores performance data over the long and short term; it alerts the right team in the right way and the right time. It delivers only the real problem not the white noise that all the background is making. It brings the right problem to the forefront in a language your teams understand.

Over 25 years Itheon has delivered the ability to ensure your most valuable asset is reliable, resilient, and performing well.

In our ultra-competitive global economy, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s actually about survival so our advice is look after it properly


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