IT insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

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So this year your bosses cut things back or at least asked you to do more with the same levels of staff and hardware? When you asked for more you were told the cupboard was bare and there wasn’t any help available. So you did roughly the same thing either for longer or at least modified so that only the most important stuff ever reached the top of the pile. As the new year approaches you ask yourself why will this year be different? The economy is still slow, times are hard.

How do we resolve this?

If we keep with the old ways then nothing will change and we have surrendered control to fate and the foibles of the economy.

The answer?

This is found in the ways our ancestors worked through hard times, yes they worked harder and longer but they also automated as many processes that they could. In IT as forward thinking as we are, we quite often allow ourselves to become slaves to tasks that we think nobody else can do? Every day we fix the same problems, take the same actions, check the same logs, manually go through various daily checks, check systems, check hardware. Manually work out our SLA’s and Service Delivery, keep data in spreadsheets for reporting and then work this data for our reports.

These are essential tasks, they have to be completed diligently and by somebody that understands the impact and the results. Only if the results do or do not match a certain criteria do we have to check them. If the log has the word “failed” in it, does it need checking? If the hardware is issuing hardware alerts, does it need an engineer? It may be a combination of events or server problems that requires your attention. The real truth is that these tasks can be automated.

With Itheon’s Systems Management all of these tasks and checks are easily automated and you check the ones that need checking instead of the hundreds that don’t. The difference is that now you get told what ones and when rather than wasting hours of each day on mundane checks. Itheon as we speak is saving many fortune 500 companies hours and hours each day.

This is the way our forefathers made themselves more efficient at what they did, drove the industrial revolution and worked themselves out of various types of economical downturns. They didn’t accept the inevitable, they engineered and programmatically automated processes making them faster, more efficient and repeatable.

This is how to avoid the insanity of 2012 and make 2013 less stressful, and more rewarding!

This is how to become better at achieving your companies’ goals of growth while consuming the same or less resources!

This is how to take the errors, missed events from your problem checking processes, and make your routine checks and fixes faster and less error prone!

Contact Blue Chip’s Mike Tricker via if this rung true for you and let us show you how we can change what you do, avoid insanity and dramatically improve the results you achieve.


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