iSeries ISV applications in the Cloud

IBM iSeries ISV applications in the cloud

This week sees Blue Chip bring yet another System i application onto our private cloud.

Over the last 18 months I have worked on our iSeries IaaS Cloud model and am rightly proud of where we are and excited about where we are going.

The value proposition for ISVs is extremely compelling, so much so that one of the biggest wealth management firms in Britain has already adopted Blue Chip’s iSeries Cloud.

To fully appreciate this value proposition, we first need to understand some of the issues –

Over provisioning

For years software vendors have been accused of overspeccing hardware to ensure their software doesn’t run like a lame dog when the customer goes live. Often making the customer pay for processing he doesn’t need at the time or indeed ever in the future. Often the hardware is provided by a 3rd party as the ISV doesn’t have the skills to build the hardware configuration.

The Software Application/Hardware Sale

If its a non iSeries user your selling to then you will also have to sell the platform. As I mentioned above you then might need to bring in a 3rd party to sell the hardware and then what will the prospective customer do about day to day management? All these costs stack up if the ISV’s main competition is based on a more common platform eg X86 then the prospective customer won’t have these issues.

At the end of the day – All the ISV wants to do is sell their application and all the customer wants to do is use the application  to help run their business and hopefully make more money – This is what Blue Chip Cloud delivers

Correct Provisioning

Flexible iSeries deployment allowing the customer to test until they have the correct processing, DASD and memory so they only pay for what they need.  With the ability to pay as they grow only using what that growth requires.

Software Application Sale Only

An application running in the Blue Chip Cloud removes the need to discuss the specific hardware platform or the OS management requirements. Blue Chip cover everything up to the application layer allowing the ISV to manage the application or hand off to the customers own support teams.

We deliver value and flexibility freeing up the ISV to sell the Application on its business benefits without worrying about how the customer will run/afford the hardware.

How do Blue Chip deliver this –

1)      The correct technology – Blue Chip have already invested in the Latest power 7 technology and can also provide Power 5 & 6. Its on the floor ready when required

2)      Platform Software functionality – multi tenancy and HA options available. Scalability and availability on demand saving time and effort.

3)      Commercial Flexibility –  25 years of Blue Chip IBM Midrange experience have gone into the commercial design of our iSeries Cloud providing flexible easy to understand commercials so growth can be forecasted, planned and understood.

4)      Suitable Data Centres – Blue Chip fully own and operate from tier 3 & 4 design data centres with all the relevant security and accreditations . Our ownership of all back and front end infrastructure reduces operational pain & keeps risk to a minimum. With all the relevant security and accreditations 

5)      Blue Chip also own and operate their own traditional Private Cloud running X86,wintel & linux workloads – already complementing our iSeries customer workloads in our Cloud

6)      All hardware and support teams are UK based. No data is stored overseas.

No other iSeries specialists have the depth of experience and facilities to match that of Blue Chip.

iSeries Applications can run in the cloud and the home of the iSeries Cloud is Blue Chip


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